Phones vs. Education

Students everywhere in all division of education are using the new and improved technology for learning but is it necessarily a good thing?About 90% of the world’s population has phones(Kottasova 2015), So why should we have phones in school. if we let these electronic in our school they will distract kids from learning, there will be more temptations to cheat, and it will cause inappropriate activities like bullying. My first reasons is because it distracts kids from learning. “multitasking can reduce interaction by 4% and increases stress and cause a IQ drop of 10%.” peter bregman(Bregman 2010).

this shows that students thatuse their phones in class can cause and IQ drop and can cause stress just by being distracted by phones. “students who use their phones during class recall less information and those students tend to do worse on multiple-choice than those who are actually absent.”(Kottasova 2015)(Weimer 2014) this shows that if your on your phone during school it can cause you to do worst and not do your best because they’re distracted of the cell phones allowed in schools. “researchers richard murphy and louis philippe looked to see how phones in schools has changed since 2001 and compared the data with results and discovered the following ban on phones test scores improved by 6.4% and the impact on underachieving students were much more significant and their scores went up by 14%.” (Mobile Technology Fact S This is why we should not have phones in schools.

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My second reason is more temptation to cheat in class”cheating has grown increasingly more common in all levels of education thanks to the recent surge of mobile devices like iphones and ipads has presented a way to share information in unfair ways.”(Wallop ) this shows it will not show what the student knows it will show what the technology knows. many students thinks it’s okay to cheat because the never get in trouble for it and that’s not okay that’s just letting them have inclass with them can change the way they think and not show their true abilities and smarts. “as long as they have test there will always be cheating and the pressure on students have never been greater The ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey revealed that 96% of the 1300 who completed the survey felt anxious about exams and revision, with 59% feeling pressure from their parents to do well and 64% saying they have never received any support in dealing with exams.” (National Curriculum Levels | Gifted P..

.)this shows if the have this burden to do good they will do whatever it takes to do good even if it means to cheat.this is another reason why we should have phones if we could just make it not a big deal and teach the correct way this wouldn’t happen. My last reason is because of inappropriate usage/ bullying. “the more extensively teens use their cell phones the greater their risk of exposure to both experiencing and engaging with inappropriatemobile activities heavy cell phones users usually become cyberbullies or are being harassed by other heavy cellphone users.

” this shows that shows that if we let phones in schools they can have easier and quicker access to others students for harassment. “46% of heavy users experience cyber bullying on their cellphones and much higher rate compared to just the 23% of them who are in a normal usage bracket.”(Should students be allowed to use cel…; Osborne this shows if we can reduce the phone usage at schools we can put students back in the normal usage bracket and lower the rate of (Osborne)cyber bullying.

“88% of cyber bullying indicate have been bullied themselves across a wireless network.”(Should students be allowed to use cel…; Osbornethis lastly shows that if we can stop the wireless network at schools it can stop most of the cyber bullying happening and it can help students feel more safe.

this is why we should not promote phones in school this will prevent heavy users and will benefit them with academics. most people think phones are good like stating that phones are a good learning tool, but actually when overused can cause major problems especially with younger students if not taught properly it can cause problems that sometimes can’t be fixed. But people also say it can prepare kids/students in the outside(real) world full of technology, also can lead to major problem most jobs don’t really look for how experience you are with phone they look for talent you can’t learn in by using a cell phones like manners and respect. lastly some people think it helps get there mind off of hard times and helps connect with friends but all it really does it causes so of major problems that happen. phones can be a really good things in school but also a very bad thing. In conclusion i think phones should be banned from school because it can be distracting to kids/students and stop them from learning, it can cause a major cheating problem that doesn’t show the kids smarts but there technology,and it can cause inappropriate usage and bullying and cause kids to become very heavy users even tho it’s a helpful tool it can cause a handful of problems to.

(Should students be allowed to use cel…) (Should students be allowed to use cel…

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