Photo analysis

Historic Northwest logging photos’ analysis One photograph depicts a group of rural men. All of them are looking at the camera and some of them are seated and others stood on or near a huge tree’s trunk. Few of them hold on their hands work equipment such as axes which help them to cut down and dismember tree’s trunk. Thus, this single picture illustrate theme of work shown by piece of wood around and work equipments. Another element that emerges from this picture is the exploitation of wood as a daily activity.

In addition to logging, the photo illustrate the old Northwest society and the beauty of its nature.

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Although the photo seems to emphasize the exploitation of wood as a natural resource and wealth, it also shows us trees cutter, dirtiness, and men with axes on hand that characterize the work of people who live in a forest area. This gallery of old pictures illustrates the exploitation of the wood as being a principal resource and activity of the Northwest region. One of the pictures shows us how much people are focus on their work. They don’t even look at the camera as other people did in other photos.

They watch over the huge tree trunk supported by ropes on each side that is about to be dropped to the ace of the track.

The theme of work is again supported by a picture that represents seven men stood in the woods and turned to the camera. These men wear clothes and boots that are not very clean but suitable for working in a dirty environment as where they are. Additionally, their surrounding includes two mules used for transportation of cutter trees trunk and work equipments such as axes and ropes. Another theme in the photo gallery is the exploitation of wood. Logging is illustrated by images of cutter and transported trees trunks by truck or mules.

In one picture, a tanning man with a rope in hands, although he is looking at the camera, is about to pull rope which is attached to a tree trunk. Furthermore, behind him we perceive far off a concession with houses. This lets us understand that forest zone is inhabited. So, the inhabitants live and enjoy what they have around them. In other words, they have for daily activity the exploitation of the wood. One of the photographs shows the difference between mules and trucks found in most of the pictures.

In this picture, mules are used as a way of conveyance for the trees’ trunk while in other pictures, trucks are used for the same purpose.

In the two case, the old truck and the mules are indicator elements that these photos illustrates a old society. Two photos are standee out from the rest of the pictures. Both of these photographs are showing a man posting Just for the picture. While in most of the pictures, there are group of people working in these two photos. In one of them, a man dressed with dirty clothes,is stood with a mule near him and has hands on his hips.

By looking at this picture we notice that the man still keeps his smile despite the rude work of his area and he seems proud and happy of who he is and where he live.

The other hot, depicts also a man alone. He is stood on bridge with a trees near him. We notice around him things that aren’t shown up in other pictures such as houses, mountain, water, and bridge. These pictures shows us that this forest area is not Just a place for rude work or logging but also a place where people can live and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Although most of the pictures in this photographs illustrate the activity logging and every hard work that comes with that; they don’t only represent the logging which was very common in the Northwest area but it also shows us the beauty of the nature in this area.