Physical Education Free Essay Example

Physical Education, P.E. or what I call the WORST hour of my life since first grade.

The ‘games’ are horrible and the coaches are even worse. I think physical education should be wiped out of the school system or at least be optional, not the option like if you wear sandals you don’t play. That just had people having their toes freezing off during the winter. Also the option that once you get to seventh grade you can go into band, which had parents going off to buy thousand dollar instruments so you don’t have to dodge volleyballs all year long. Then at some point even being band leads to what? Band camp. Trying your best to avoid any form of physical activity and you end up having to do it anyway.

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The government wants us to be healthy, but making some peoples lives horrible isn’t the way to do it. It all just needs to disappear into a black abyss or what I said above, optional.