Sex Education in Schools Free Essay Example

Sexual education has been around in schools for many years now, its main purpose: to education teens about the dangers of sex as well as the ways to use protection if he/she is ever engaged in sexual activities. Although there have been many upon many discussions about whether teens should have to endure sexual education classes in school, I am sitting here on my couch writing to give my point of view on the very well know, and very intensely debated topic. Recently, more than ever, I have noticed some schools in my state are steadily “forcing” sexual protection (condoms) and other forms of pregnancy prevention aids on teens. I, never having to go to public school, have not had to be involved in such an act, although I did take a Health Education course which covered just enough about sex without forcing any ideas or products into my mind or possesion.

I don’t believe that “sex ed” should be taught in school, and if it has to be taught, perhaps schools’ can incorporate it within the study of biology. While I acknowledge the fact that it has always been dificult for parents to talk to their children about sex, I don’t believe that a stranger who has no emotion role in a teens’ life should be the one “educating” that teen about such an emotional subject. A close friend of mine who is in a public school in her 10th grade year has given me insight on how schools’ approach the matter of sexual education: they force it. I called her and asked “Did you have to sex ed? Or did you freely choose to take the course?” She replied with a laugh, “I had to take it, it is required.” I followed up with asking “Does everyone have to take it?” Again she laughed at me, “Yes, everyone. Even people who don’t want to know about those sort of personal things, and even the ones who are extremely uncomfortable with such a sensitive subject being brought up.

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” From what she had told me I almost felt uncomfortable just listening to it. I personally would not want to be forced to take a course that makes me uncomfortable and especially not taught by a stranger who has no connection to me what so ever. While I understand both sides of the arguement, it just seems to me that not having sex ed classes in a school system seems more responsible. From the research I have conducted about this topic, I have learned that the sex ed course consists of the following steps: 1) Enter the class and take a seat. 2) Be briefed on the two ways to go about sex.

(abstinence or safe sex.) 3) Vaguely be told about abstinence and its meaning. 4) Be shown many different types of birth prevention methods/aids. 5) Be briefed on STDs and how they are conceived. 6) Do a “warm up” (review on information that has been obtained) 7) Watch a slide show/take notes.

8) Take a test/worksheet. 9) Leave class. What shocked me the most was that teachers seemed to vaguely mention abstinence and then vigoriously leaped into the vast “safe sex” talk, explaining all the types of birth prevention methods. I do believe that if sex ed classes are made manditory that atleast the teachers should go in-depth about abstinence, explaing to a student why abstinence would be the smarter, better choice to go about sex. Today, most teachers make it seem as though “teens are going to do it anyway, so why even bother.” While it seems that sex ed is going to be apart of courses in schools, I just wish that prevenitive aids wouldn’t be forced on a teen such as I have witness and heard of.

I know for a fact that teachers wouldn’t just hand out Plan B (contraceptive) the way they hand out condoms, but really what would be the difference? It is a way to avoid sex, a way that makes sex easier and less scary. I don’t believe that sex should be less feared and tought of as “not so bad.” I think learning about sex is between a very close family member and a teen, not a stranger or teacher who doesn’t have as much as an influence on a teen as a close family member does. I also believe that teens shouldn’t learn that “sex is okay, as long as it’s safe!” Sex is a very emotional activity and teens shouldn’t be taught that it’s okay as long as it is safe, that doesn’t really teach them anything, it seems to me that it just promotes sex. Sex shouldn’t be thought of as an easy thing, it shouldn’t be as easy as going to get milk at the store, but it increasingly has become that way. Condoms are just handed out in school and made very easily obtained.

In conclusion I think school boards should re-think how they approach sex in school and how teachers seem to play a role in promoting sex, so long as it is safe. While I still believe that sex ed should not be taught in school at all, it doesn’t seem like that will be happening anytime soon, so I will continue to just voice my opinion, my point of view on the topic and hope that it reaches ears of those willing to understand where I come from and understand how I feel about this sensitive subject.