Sex Education in Schools

Sex education has been an issue in schools for years, due to parental and religious views on this topic. I am for sex education in schools because it informs adolescents of the consequences of their sexual relationships. They can get information on the hardship of being a teenage mother and seriously consider not having a sexual relationship until they are ready for that type of responsibility. Sex education will also inform adolescents on STDs and on how those more serious diseases can affect their sexual lives.

Sex education is important to be thought in school. By taking sex education, adolescents will learn all the pros and cons of being a teenage mother; they will discover that there is a severe difference amongst pros and cons in being a teenage mother. Sadly, there are very little pros to being a teenage mother, but some cons that come with being a teenage mother are the following: ? The teen is responsible for the well-being of the infant ? They are financially responsible ? No time to enjoy their teenage years ? Their relationship can fall apart Adolescents will learn those things and more in sex education. STDs are another very serious issue that is covered in sex education. Students will get knowledge of how these diseases affect them and their future sexual relationships. They will discover that there are medications for STDs, but some are so severe that the person will have the STD for life, such as HIV or AIDS.

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Other STDs are; Chlamydia, Hepatitis, Enteric infections, Herpes, Genital Warts (HPV), Pubic lice (crabs), Gonorrhea, Salmonella, Scabies, and Syphilis. Those are just a hand full of STDs that will be learned by adolescents who take sex education. Parents can be apposed of sex education for several reasons. Most feel it is inappropriate for their child to learn about sex from them and not a stranger or teacher. Parents have a good point however; adolescents are more likely to be comfortable learning about the topic of sex from someone outside of the family.

Not only that, but the parent or parents may not mention in full detail the seriousness of everything that is covered in sex education. In conclusion, sex education should be taught to adolescents in the classroom. I am for sex education because it can help prevent teen pregnancy as well as STDs. What if it where your child facing either one of these issues with no knowledge of what their life may become, would you want them to be informed if that was the case? So please parents, have an open mind to letting your child take this very informative class. Thank you for your time