Physical Education Time Essay Online

Physical Education Time Should students have a lot of time for physical education? It’s been proven that the more time kids get the better.

Physical education helps kids get better test scores, improve disturbing behavior, reduce stress, improve more academically, and better mood and attitude. Physical Education helps students get a better mood and attitude. When students play sports they have fun. That makes students have a better mood and also attitude. Kids like to be in a good mood. They also love to play.

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That’s why the more time the better. Students that get a lot of physical education time can also improve their disturbing behavior. Some students like to disturb and mess around in class. When they exercise they get tired and satisfied for enough goofing. So when they go to class they feel ready to study. When students are stressed or sad the best thing to do is go outside and play.

Usually when I’m stressed I go outside and play. That usually gets me off my bad mood. I think that physical education helps kids in a lot of things It can also keep students from participating on doing drugs, smocking etc. When students feel normal. What I mean is that physical education helps kids in a lot of things. Kids and students should get a lot of time of physical education.