Plain Packaging on Tobacco vs Supply Chain

Consequences of plain packaging Many people would view plain packaging on tobacco products as a good cause to cut the sale rates and the use of tobacco; but most people don’t know that changing the colorful design of cigarette packs to the dull, unbranded packs with health warnings doesn’t only affect smokers. Many of the packaging manufacturers who design the cigarette boxes will lose money because there will be a reduction in packaging materials. The loss of money will result in many people losing their jobs and a decrease in the employment rate. Effects of plain packaging on supply chain The packaging materials that are no longer needed to make cigarette packs will decrease in value, which also hurts manufacturers.

The retailers who sell the tobacco products will suffer too. Tobacco products contribute a lot to a retailer’s income; so if the sale rates for cigarettes lower, then retailers will lose money as well and may put some small retail stores out of business. Impact of plain tobacco packaging on public health The idea of plain packaging was brought up by New Zealand and Canada, but the first country to actually make all cigarettes have plain packaging was Australia. Australia has a suicide hotline named Quitline, and stats show that the calls to Quitline increased after the plain packaging laws are in effect. Many countries since have considered to make laws that would force all tobacco products to have plain packaging.

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Many groups fear that the plain packaging laws will soon spread to food and alcohol, which will have a massive affect on small companies. The images on the cigarette packs show what can happen to someone who smokes cigarettes, however they are very grotesque and may be nauseating to some. The pictures show diseases one could be infected with if they continue to use tobacco such as lung and mouth cancer, blindness, and emphysema.The pictures will convince young people from starting to smoke, and anyone who care about their bodies and well-being to quit smoking. However, not everyone cares about their well-being, and some people think that they’re not strong enough to quit. But pictures will decrease the numbers of smokers, and a decrease of smokers means more people will be live healthier lives and also less pollution for the air.

Standardized packs could encourage counterfeiters Also, plain packages could encourage the public to create counterfeited packs. Some manufactures may or may not take part in this but to many will in order to partake in more income. Counterfeited packs may be hazardous, even more than regular packs and will be sold to unaware consumers. What to select – plain packaging or supply chain profitability? Unfortunately, the downside to plain packaging is that many companies will go out of business and many people will be unemployed. However in comparison, which is more important; the health and lives of the many people who quit or decided not to smoke because of plain packaging or the loss of jobs because of plain packaging? The humane answer would be the healthy people, but who’s to say plain packaging will stop the consumption of tobacco products. Many people know the consequences of smoking from education provided by school, meaning most people smoke knowing the consequences.

Regardless, it is best to go for the greater good and try to help people live healthier lives.