Planning Out a Highly Funded Virtual High School

Here I describe how a virtual high school may be possible and beneficial if it were heavily invested into. Such an investment in schooling may seem silly, but in the USA if you were to add up how much is spent on prisons and prisoners then you could buy every single high school graduate a $100,000 college education every year.Learning via computer aided programmingThis may be done quite easily because it already exists.

There are plenty of online and mobile programs that help people to learn things. These are not just seminars, but are actual interactive pieces of software. If a school could afford it then each student would have their own software in schools that they would work with at their own pace. Adaptive learning to suit each studentThis would be the next step that progresses naturally from the first idea. Now that a student has taken on the working via programs, those programs should adapt to the way the student learns.

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It should increase the difficultly or complexity of some things in order to keep the student engaged and learning. It could also adapt to feature more of what the student is struggling to learn.Physical teacher input to aid a studentAs a student learns via a computer there should still be a teacher present. Not all students are going to do well with the idea of being taught by a computer and so will need teacher support. This is quite possible via simply having a teacher there to help the students.Collective learning with teacher monitoringStudents may collaborate and pool their knowledge in order to complete school tasks.

They should be able to learn collectively and then better the knowledge of their peers and themselves at the same time. The teacher is there to monitor just in case the children fall prey to misinformation of a mutual misunderstanding.Engaging students in their learningHow a child is engaged into learning within a high tech school is up to the school in question. But, such a thing as testing learning styles may be desirable. For example, a kinesthetic learner may benefit from virtual reality more than an audio learner. The way a child favors learning may help him or her be taught in the best manner possible.

Physical education Technology to help a student get into shape or build muscle in certain areas is technology that already exists. A more high tech and well funded school gym may help children reach higher levels of physical fitness and help children excel a little more at sports. The gym would also have the benefit of multiple uses so that students may pick the parts of their body they want to work on for whatever sports they choose.Highly funded is a requirementAll of the ideas required on this essay require a lot of money and research. Still, each idea could potentially change the way students are taught and change the future of our country.

The only problem is that they are all expensive ideas and so would require a highly funded school.