Please, Think Before You Speak Free Essay Sample

Please, Think Before You Speak Moving is not easy, especially to another country which language you can’t speak. Why is it, when you feel sad and alone, people choose to judge, lie and criticize rather than help you? What makes a person feel superior and want to bring someone down? Is it their clothes, money, car or friends? Is it the desire of wanting to hide one’s own insecurities? Spreading rumors and hate comments about someone you don’t know is not going to help anyone get anywhere. It is okay to dislike, but not to hate. Before anyone uses a word against someone, it is important to learn the meaning of the word and examine if the chosen word truly defines the person. If one is wise enough, they will realize the word has nothing to do with the “hated” person.

Just because one’s insecurity is eating a person inside that doesn’t give anyone the right to call someone fat, ugly or a slut. When someone calls someone else derogatory names, they are actually revealing information about themselves. Instead of asking themselves if they would like to be in the other person’s position, they degrade someone else so they can feel superior. Calling anyone names or ridiculing people are forms of verbal abuse. Looking around will make you aware of how many kids are being left out or bullied.

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Why is no one trying to make them feel welcomed or appreciated? Why are teenagers so mean in high School? The desire of wanting to hide one’s insecurities and defects is the answer.