The Problems Free Essay Sample

I wonder why we have to learn things in school. It’s the things that are completely useless that I hate and it makes me not want to show up. For example, why do we have to learn about Shakespeare, spending lots of class time when we could be learning how to get jobs, how to pay taxes or learn how to save for the future. Why do we have to memorize facts for the final exam? Why can’t schools corporate with one another instead of having a competition to see who is the best? As I get on the bus, I stare out the window and see the world where everything revolves around competition, not cooperation. I see that school is meant to help you but, I also see that it’s designed for a planned economy where they want an even distribution of jobs from people collecting raw materials to people working in factories to people getting a profession.

It also seem’s that it was well planned for a stable economy where only a hand full of people could have the power. It seems that people don’t want to discuss grading and testing, discipline, curriculum because it’s a problem that can’t be fixed in the following weeks

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