School Uniforms Free Essay Sample

Many schools around the country have discussions about various topics. They debate on issues such as the quality of food served at lunch, the programs that should be laid off due to budget cuts and much more. One major issue that most schools are faced is whether or not to have school uniforms.

Several school districts have had votes regarding the usage of school uniforms. However, the issue is still being debated to this day. There are positives and negatives of having school uniforms. Having uniforms creates a more stable, orderly school environment. Many catholic or private schools use school uniforms to have a calmer, more formal setting. This allows the students to receive equal respect and there is no jealously or competition between one another.

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No one needs to have the most Ugg boots or Ed hardy shirts. The social standing of students won’t be determined by the clothes they own but by their individual character. With students wearing uniforms no one will be able to tell the difference between the rich and the poor. Having school uniforms can save parents time and money in the long run. They don’t have to purchase long sleeve t-shirts or jeans for school.

They just have to pay for the school uniform that their child wears every day. It will even save children’s stress on what to wear to school each day. However, despite all of these advantages of school uniforms, I still favor not having them. Without school uniforms students can have fun picking out new clothes and wearing colorful clothing to school. They are able to have their own style and freely express themselves. The students are allowed to be different, unique, and exciting.

Many public schools such as my high school do not have school attires. The children can be creative and open to wear what they want. The usage of uniforms prevents certain individuals being recognized for their abilities and interests. For instance, if I was a member of a rock band, I would want to express myself by wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. All in all, this issue will be frequently discussed but I still stand strong to believe that students should not be forced to wear school uniforms.