Teens and sleep Free Essay Sample

Persuasive Essay Sleep is a necessity. If we don’t get any or too little we are cranky and just want to be left alone so we can put our head under the pillow and forget the morning tasks.

But sadly the world won’t operate correctly if everyone is too tired to take the trash out or feed their dogs. This especially applies to teens and young adults who want to stay up late and watch TV or play video games. These people who are still growing and their bodies are still developing need as much sleep as they can get. School is also a major sleep issue. Most kids around the United States have to wake up at 7am to get ready for the school day. If a teens have a jammed packed schedule may have sports and 2-3 hours of homework probably have to stay up later to get those activates done and might go to bed around 11-12pm not leaving them much time to get their minds straight for the busy day ahead of them.

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So maybe there is a solution? Public School in America usually starts around 7:30 to 8am, so maybe there is a way for kids to get those eight to nine hours? About 20% of American teens ages 13 to 17 are getting enough sleep. Maybe adding a hour before school starts might help. I already can tell you I don’t get enough sleep going to bed at ten even though I get my eight hours I still dread getting up at seven am and getting ready for the day. Maybe nine hours could help. Getting more sleep makes people more productive and more things will be finished, grades will go up, people won’t be as tired and dread going to class. Homework won’t be forgotten and projects would get done the day it is due instead of the next day or later.

But kids who stay up late and sleep in on the weekends will mess up their sleep patterns for the weekdays causing that extra hour to be lost because teens cant get to sleep right away when usually are up till twelve or one. So maybe If teens keep the same sleep patterns they will enjoy school more. A more simple option is to start school later. Yes it maybe harder for parents to get to work but don’t they want their kids to do good in school and get good grades and not make it hard to wake their kids up? Usually Middle to high school students need a alarm clock or a parent to wake them up this solution will solve needing to have a clock or a even more tired parent to wake their child up. But then again the kids need to be dispend enough not to think its cool to pull a all night’er because their friends did it, think how they feel later in the day.

So basically adding a hour before school starts, I think will greatly help the country