Pluto, the Planet that Once Was

Humans we have made discovery after discovery and we are still In search of answers throughout the universe. Scientist have made discoveries for the longest time being it on purpose or Just a random luck of the draw. Like the way that our once ninth planet of our solar system was discovered on February 18, 1930 by Clyde W. Automata using the calculation of Powell to find Pluto.

Now that was over 80 years ago today and we have made plenty of other great advances in science and technology so we had to review on our latest planet because It was Just barely seen s a planet or a very Insignificant planet compared to all the others.

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As we came to have a greater understanding of the universe slowly but surely we had a more defined feeling about the universe and it as if Pluto never fitted there correctly and we became more in tuned with our universe true potential.

As we continued to discover more things out there and our capability of being able to find more and more about the universe we saw it as a matter of time until we figure out a lot more about of surroundings. This type of thinking and speculating led to the find that here was a difference that made Pluto different from the other planets and to Its change in classification from the ninth planet to our first classification of a dwarf planet in our solar system. Pluto first was looked into by a scientist named Percival Lowell who spent a long time wondering why there was a orbit change by Uranus.

He saw this strange occurrence and he decided to look into it and see what it was hoping that it was an orbit from another mass or planet.

Sadly he died before there was anything found by is calculations and him looking In 1905 and expected to find It by 1915. A couple years after he died someone continued his work, a scientist named Clyde Automata, he saw the same thing and he used the same calculations and found something out there! This was the planet that was once known as Pluto, a delicate piece of rock that was completely different in shape and mass to its closest planets.

It was a weird little thing to start off but It was accepted by the masses at the time It was discovered. We felt as If this discovery was the first to the answers of the universe and we kept reaming what else we could do since we were able to discover the likes of another planet amongst us. The immense knowledge was just at the tip of our fingertips and the discovery of Pluto sparked our ideas about the universe and us as humans in this grand scheme of the universe.

What people didn’t know at the time was that we would be able to discover so much after Pluto about the universe that started to change our perspective about Pluto actually being a planet.

After years of advancements we decided to look back at Pluto and we saw some differences between it and the other planets. The change was at a first a seen as a mediocre idea by most but because we had a completely different view on the universe by that time there was a more refined term for the world “planet”.

What had ended up happening was that there was an adjustment made, there was a new IXIA definition. A planet was no longer defined by the must have cleared the neighborhood around their orbits” as adopted by NASA. These slight contrast between Pluto had the public a little mad at first but we can say without a doubt that our perspective of the universe has changed drastically because e see the universe as something more defined and understood than before. Even though this alteration was made, there is still a lot of the population who think Pluto is a planet to this day.

This small variation doesn’t make a difference to most of society if it’s a planet or not but in the scientific world it is seen as a bad decision, “The demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet status is a source of continuing dissent and controversy in the astronomical community’ said by the International Astronomical Union. What this tells us about our society is that we have come to now things around us and to classify things we have to come to more detail with things around us Pluto wasn’t enough to be a planet for us anymore; it wasn’t enough for us.

That is why we classified it as a Dwarf planet and not a normal planet, now there are many actual planets that we have found and other Dwarf Planets like Pluto to show that there is a place for everything in the universe. One day we will even discover more out there in the universe and we will have to make these type of decision again. As we learn more we change our view and decide if it meets certain tankards and characteristics. There will always be an exception or a restriction and this is all based on the more things we learn about the universe and how it works.

We learn and we find out more about a subject that it turns out to be something completely different because at its surface might look the same, but more details are found about the subject and we come up with new categories that we have to define. With knowledge comes great change on our past perspectives and we must except that our thoughts about the universe will ever keep developing. Work Cited http://www. Story. Com/this-day-in-history/Pluto-discovered “Pluto discovered. ” 2014.