Wild planet

It is important that company understands the desires and needs of its customers so as to develop its products accordingly. For Wild Planet, its main customers are kids. The company invests a lot of resources in research in order to understand what their customers really wantOne of the ways of getting to know the customers needs is by talking to them. Wild planet talks to about 5000 kids in a year in their normal play environment be it at home or at schoolThe company also gives the kids money to spend in the shopping malls and observe how they spend the money given to them. In this way, the company is able to understand how the customers view their products.

The company not only listens to the kids but also their parents. This involves understanding what is important to them and how they view the company’s products. Parents are the ones who chose the toys for their kids thus understanding their opinions is criticalIncorporating the customer’s views into the product is important in that the company is able to develop the right products. The research costs incurred is necessary given the rewards; increased revenues and profitsEthnographic researchThe company should be careful on the cost and time implication when conducting research. This is because the whole exercise can be expensive and time consuming without realizing any meaningful results ( Colorado State University, 2009)Bias of the data collector can also be another disadvantage of ethnography.

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The researchers can be biased and hence the data collected can lead wrong conclusions which can be costly in the long runThe quantity of data collected during the research process may not be adequate to form a representative conclusion. This means that what holds in one area may not be true in another geographical area ( Colorado State University, 2009)Product used by other groupsApart from toys, another example of product range produced by adults and used by another group i.e. children is the children diapers range. This range of product is made by adults but used by children