Police Officers and Power Abuse

Police officers are abusing their power. There are very life threatening and dangerous crimes that go on in our everyday lives, whether we are a witness or a victim. The people who we rely upon to keep us safe and help the community are the ones who are slowly destroying that behind closed doors.

Brutality can be caused by a shortage in the training and management of an officer. For people to have such high expectations from officers and then turn on the TV to see that an officer abused or took somebody’s life with brute force is very disappointing. Most incidents go unreported or put to the side which shouldn’t be happening. If people speak up and let their voices be heard, they can make a change. We could use collective power to revolt against corruption.

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Several shootings, beatings, and more is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately because it is considered a criminal act. If police officers are abusing their power through corruption, without any regard for human rights and by taking advantage of the law. To begin with, officers abuse their power through corruption. Police have the authority to make whatever they feel is right happen, yet they abuse the law for personal gain. For example, they use bribery to get themselves money, such as asking someone to pay them instead of the officer giving them the ticket that would have been well earned. According to an article that many people have read called Scores of Kosovo traffic police arrested on bribery charges states that”Authorities in Kosovo have detained dozens of police officers after drivers filed complaints about traffic police asking them for bribes.

The operation was part of a wider government crackdown on corruption.”Police misconduct should not be tolerated. In fact, if the police does not get what he/she wanted, verbal, sexual, or physical violence is utilized. To back this up, not too long ago officers inthe U.K admitted to sexual assault. A file was reported and this shows that it’s not only happening in america but all around the world.

Police take advantage of their power in ways that should be illegal; bias against race, ethnicity, social class, gender, beliefs, religion, misogyny or anything else should not be the reason officers are damaging people’s lives. In addition, officers are starting to have no regard for human rights. As said multiple times, Bias against race, ethnicity, gender, beliefs, religion, or anything else should not be the reason officers are damaging people’s lives. If they are corrupt they won’t have any regard for human rights. For example, they do what they want,harass people for no reason, and give people tickets for no reason. To violate somebody’s human rights just because of the brutality of a police officer who isn’t doing their job right is highly unacceptable.

In essence, an article called Police and Human rights it says, “The ‘back laws’, are not the main reason for the more serious violations of human rights. The main reason is that the police quite frequently act beyond the bounds of law, even when the bounds are extended by the ‘black laws’. No law authorises the police to torture suspects, to kill them in fake encounters or to humiliate women by rape, or by otherwise violating their modesty.” This shows that as racist as the officers are, they will still break a law just because of their opinion towards that group of people. Lastly, police take advantage of law the majority of the time.

A few take their positions for granted. They are trained to use their guns and protect themselves.According to an article about civil rights, it said “Most police officers respect these rules and strictly follow them. But a few reckless police officers sometimes ignore these rules and shoot innocent civilians.” This shows that they are disobeying the law and putting somebody’s life at jeopardy, even if they haven’t done anything which is once again, extremely amateurish,pathetic, and inadequate. Our human rights seem to be limited in the revolting behavior of those who are supposed to keep us protected.

In conclusion, although many officers put their lives on the line to keep us safe it is still important to realize that all of the other officers are the ones putting our lives on the line. To take an innocent person’s life for no reason is something that needs to be stopped. Every second that goes by in the day, the more an angry uneducated officer will want to pull the trigger on a poor innocent who did nothing at all. The U.S is a democracy so people can make a change if they came together and put power together. No matter how many times they get let down they will bring themselves back up as one to make the world a better, safer place.

No one should feel any kind of oppression. Make the change, start to arrange. Until police shape up, the problem can get worse and worse, and trust can’t be held firmly anymore. Stand up against officers abusing their power through corruption, without any regard for human rights and those who are taking advantage of the law.