Poor Economy

New York State currently has a poor economy. This poor economy is having a negative effect on the people of New York State. One of the biggest concerns of the people of New York is the lack of money in the state. This lack of money is interfering with people’s lives.

New York State government should concentrate on getting more money for the people of the state. For example, the government shutdown that recently happened in New York State effected many New York people. Due to the fact that the government could not agree on passing the Obama Care Bill, over 1,000 people lost work for the entire time the government was in shutdown. This loss work resulted in them not getting their regular pay. Many school district’s taxes are too high for most families.

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School district’s need to raise taxes because the Federal Government and State Government stopped giving funds to school districts. If the government does not help pay for schools, then the people have to pay more. The job opportunities for people in New York is decreasing. Companies are having to lay off employees because of many reasons such as not having enough money to pay them. Another reason is that many companies are closing. All three of these facts are hurting the people of New York.

Specifically, the New York Government and its poor economy is hurting our state. New York should start looking more closely at how it spends its money and how it’s poor planning effects the people. There are people in New York State that can just barely pay for places to live. Many people are selling their homes and not many are looking to buy homes in New York State. Some people cannot even afford food or clothes for their families.

When people lose their jobs, they may have to move and sacrifice what is important to them. The government should give more money to school districts. Small schools are having the most difficult time providing enough education for student’s to be prepared to go to college or the work force because they are having to cut important programs. They are also having to cut sports programs and other special programs for kids. These programs help kids have fun at school and teach them other skills that are important.

Even though the economy in our state is poor they still try to improve the economy by doing good things for us. One of the biggest improvements to people of NY State is that they have extended the amount of time you can collect unemployment benefits. This has helped people by giving them extra money while they search for another job. People can use these benefits to keep their houses and feed their children. New York is also helping people start new businesses to boost the economy. Lastly, New State has held “tax free” shopping day.

On these days, people do not have to pay sales tax on certain clothes purchases. In conclusion, the New York State government’s poor economy has had a great effect on the people. People are losing their jobs, schools are losing money and families are losing homes. The government is trying to save people money by cutting taxes. It is important that the New York State government stop and read my powerful message. I hope that I can make a change in the state’s poor economy.

It is my goal to have this published and have as many people read it as possible.