the economy Narrative Essay

Throughout history taxes has always been a big deal for many Americans like the Boston Tea Party which was one of many uprising caused by tax (Santis).The British had a Tax Act that the United states had to pay tax for tea. This made plenty of people made so they rebelled against it. they didn’t like ‘’taxation without representation.

Millions of poor Americans are paying taxes they can’t afford, while the rich are on their Yachtthrowing parties for no reason. There are billions and billions of dollars in the United state, but the government allowed it to fall in the hands of a few people. While the rate of poor people is going down the rich are getting richer. Poor Americans should be taxed less, while the wealthy pays more. Poor people don’t make enough money to begin with.

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It is expensive to be poor. This is why there is a big population of poverty in the United States. The government has this thing called poverty tax which they tax the poor,. They have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars a year becausethey make less than 2nd class citizens and because paythey have bad credit orhave no savings. Its wrong to tax someone because they are less fortunate than others. This is whyAbout 21,000 people die a day because of hunger.

They can’t afford there own food because they used all their money paying tax they shouldn’t be paying in the first place. The government should tax people according to their income. taxing the poor ruin the economy. Crime would go up because people are trying to get food to provide their family but can’t afford it so they go steal it from the stores. kids will drop out of school and get jobs because they’re trying to provide for their families. While poor people are struggling the wealthy are getting wealthier.

1% of the world is rich. If we increase the amount of money the they have to payfor tax it won’t hurt them. All they do isBuy thing they don’t evenneed like owning7 cars and 5 yachts. Whatswrong with just owning one of each.. They can still throw their parties and go onvacations on private islands.

People that could afford to pay taxes should pay more in order to help those who are in poverty and can’t do nothing about it. Americans think that the rich work more thananybody but they are the individuals working 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet. There the janitors, and the lunch ladies. Giving tax breaks to the poor would help local economy. When the government offers you a tax break, it means you’re getting a reduction in your taxes.

The 3rd class citizens help the economy when they get tax cuts by shopping more. The less they have to spend on bills the more they use it to buy food and things they be wanting to buy but don’t have the money. That raises money for small business. It also help with unemployment by giving people jobs because the businesses that were struggling could hire more people because they were getting more customers. Tax cuts helps both the people and the government. The people get to spend their money the way they see fit,and the government is making money the small companies.

IF You tax the poor, one day they will come together and start a rebellion just like the way they did back in the days. That would start a big war and people would die. Giving them tax cuts will be benefiting for everybody. Taxing the rich is way better than taxing the poor. they have so much money they don’t even know what to spend it.