Case Study the Pet Economy

Pet economy refers to the economy that has been put in place for the sake of the home animals called pets. They include animals as dogs and cats.

There has been an improved care on these animals for the last short period of time. This has been identified with the way in which many people and families have turned into looking after these animals in a special way. Much attention has shifted from the old fashion of offering care and protection to these animals. Apart from the fact that the mind set and a universal perception of these animals have changed, there is a remarkable change in the environment that houses these animals. This is an observation that has been noticed in many independent and dependent states all over the world. The environment of operation has drastically changed with time.

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First and foremost, the idea of dogs sleeping outside has totally changed in most families. At the present time, many dogs have been moved to sleep and live in comfortable rooms and clean environments. For instance, in the American states, many families and individuals live with pets in their rooms and even use same beds at night. This is the lifestyle that has attracted many, and variance of people has embraced the idea. Pets are now well sited at homes if not within the living, dining and even sleeping rooms.

This has been supported by the report by the American APPMA that at the moment, 42% of the dogs live together with the family members and even sleep with individuals in same bed. Secondly, there is much that is being spent by the American government in handling matters concerning the needs of the pets. Much concern has shifted to the rights that have been asserted to the pets. For instance, in America, it is claimed that most Americans spent over $40 billion every year on the pets they have at their homes. This is even more than the gross profit of many nations across the world.

The American lifestyle has changed with many of them embracing the idea of having to spent on behave of the pets. This is because of the change in the perception over pets. They have thus been raised in more modernised environments that require adequate spending. This is according to the report of the packaged facts. Most spending are on the buying of the feeds and other leisure materials for the pets.

The care for the young ones has been a cruciall undertaking in many families. This has mainly arisen from the norm of caring for the children at home and even out of homes. This attention has shifted to the care for pet as they have been considered to be part of the young ones that are necessary at homes. The products that pets use have thereby increased in the price with the rise in their value. People are driven by a feeling that they should be felt in offering extra good deeds to their young ones. Therefore, the facilities that many pets use at home are taking up a new shape and perception in the entire society and the world.

In conclusion, there is a general shift in the mode of handling that is being given to the pets at the present time. This arises from the food stuff that is being assigned to the pets. The main intention behind this is to build an innate feeling of safety and health within the lives of the young ones. What makes the pet’s menu is considered and taken emotionally by the owners since they are treated like young children. This has therefore changed the operational environments of the pets.

Many nations and individuals have recommended these changes and have thus happened all over the world.