Everyone wants it but not everyone has it. Ok, when I say everyone I’m probably over exaggerating but, in all honesty, not by much. Even if you try to pride yourself on the fact that you’re completely happy in your own skin, you’re happy in your group of friends, you don’t want to be ‘popular’ I can say for sure that at some point you want to be part of that gang. You know the one. They seem to be a cut above the rest, hated yet loved by all.

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They’re the centre of attention all the time. In all the sport teams, in all the clubs that are deemed ‘cool’. I think you’ve got the idea. Sure, you may say you hate them and never want to be that kind of person but at some point you must have wondered how easy life must be for them. You must have wanted what they have.

I know I have. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those girls who are desperate to be ‘popular’. Whatever that means, anyway. Nor am I one of those girls who hate them and want them gone. Permanently.

After all, what would life be without the endless drama and gossip freely handed to us from the ‘populars’? They are a constant source of amusement with their frivolous attitudes to schoolwork and ridiculous fashion statements. In fact, give me a bucket of popcorn and we have an interactive film. The perfect form of entertainment. And though people like you and I (assuming we are alike, for I find that the types of people on this website seem to have a similar mind-set) ridicule them, they never appear to mind. Maybe they believe that our ridiculing is admiration? Some of them are certainly stupid enough to believe so. But I’m just stating the stereotype we all know.

Just like we know that stereotyping people it wrong but from what I’ve seen ‘popular’ people are only conforming to it. The real question here is, why? Because, in my experience, no one actually likes these so-called ‘populars’. Of course there is always a small percentage of people that are truly nice and likable and are popular because of that. They will talk to the ‘nerds’ or the ‘emos’ or whoever in a nice and non-ironic manner, however the majority aren’t popular because of their niceness but because of something else. Is it because they’re pretty? Maybe. Confident? Possibly.

More likely, it’s a combination of different things. So far I have four. • Looks • Confidence • Bitchiness • Sluttiness Perhaps I’m being harsh. But why are these traits the ones that make people popular. Being nice isn’t enough these days. Wit doesn’t even play a part in it.

Even being confident can’t make you popular. Then again, if the notion of popular was to change to many people’s ideals life may not work as well. Well, school life at least. Thinking about the bigger picture, not the massive one of the whole universe, but the one about your whole life and it all seems pretty irrelevant because, it’s been said before and I’ll say it again, once you’re out of school and into the real world none of these little things will matter. Well, that’s what they say – I personally have no idea what adulthood holds.