Possessions: When Demons Have Control

We have all had those feelings of anger, hatred, or disrespect towards someone at some point in our lives. We usually remember why we were mad or upset. But what happens when the pain and the hatred gets amplified by 100? Possession is one of the most controversial subjects in religion and life today.

Many people believe that it is not possible to be controlled by a non-human thing such as a spirit or demon. Others, however, say that they have seen actual possessions and believe to the fullest that they are real. So what exactly is a demonic possession? A demonic possession is said to be the process of one’s body to be taken over by a very evil spirit who has been sent by the devil himself. SIgns of demonic possessions are having superhuman strength, such as crushing objects like metal with bare hands, having fits of anger or uncontrollable shaking, the sudden ability to speak in different languages, and many more. So what are the warning signs of possession.

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One of the most telling signs of a possession is a sudden change in personality. For example, if you have someone who talks a lot and never shuts up, a good sign of being possessed is if they become very quiet and hardly talk at all. Another sign of possession is if the person becomes so stiff that they cannot be moved, even by 3 or 4 people. The third and final tell tale sign that I will tell you about is the activity may start to happen if the possessed person attempts to say prayers. Activity includes lights flickering on and off, glass will shatter, the person might hear his or her name being called even though there is nobody in the house with them, etc.

While many don’t believe in possessions, there are several cases that are too scary and gruesome to ignore. In the year 1974, in the British town of Ossett, Michael Taylor was believed to be possessed. He seeked help within the church after physically attacking one of the church leaders. The help didn’t seem to work seeing as his symptoms and violent outbreaks were growing rapidly worse. An exorcism was decided to be performed by Father Peter Vincent in St. James church in Barnsley.

It lasted for 2 days. They exorcised forty different spirits out of Mr. Taylor. The priests were too exhausted to continue the exorcism and warned his wife that the demon of murder and several other spirits still existed inside him. They let him go home nevertheless.

While at home Michael Taylor murdered his wife and even strangled the family poodle. It wasn’t until later that a policeman found Michael in the street without his clothes on and covered in blood. He was found guilty and insane. This case is better known as the ‘Ossett murder case of 1974.’ This case and many others can be considered signs that possessions are real.

Whether they are or not, just remember, God loves each and every one of us. By the grace of God and the protection of his angels, as long as you believe he sent his son to die for you and accept him as your savior, you are virtually untouchable by Satan’s demons.