Pressure to be the best

I’m passionate about EHS because english is my favorite subject. Though that sounds like the beginning paragraph of a suck-up, it’s true. I love reading and I enjoy writing, and while I may not be the best at it, I certainly try my hardest.

I intend to run for EHS Vice President, along with Jordan Pincus, because I feel that’s the best position for me in this Honor Society. I want to be able to share my own ideas on how to better EHS without being the absolute top, and what better position for that than Vice President. Personally, I feel I’m qualified for this position because I’m full of great ideas, passionate about english. actually get english (which surprisingly a lot of people don’t), and get along very well with others, which is very important for a board member. As a team, me and Jordan work very well together.

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Despite some screaming and disagreeing from time to time, the two of us actually end up getting more done and at a faster pace, and because we spend most of our time together, communication issues are not a problem. What better Vice Presidents to have than two people who are always together. On top of that, we are both dedicated to anything we start so EHS will never be neglected by either of us. I will contriubue all I can to EHS, wether it be making sure meetings run smoothly or finding new projects/events for the club to do as a whole. I personally believe that I am fit for the job and will be able to perform tasks above the highest exceptions placed on me, that may sound a little biased but I really think I’m fit for this! Thank you reading this and taking me into consideration.