Pressure Free Essay Example

Pressure could lead you to do so many things.

Some being suicide, weight gain, weight loss, and even lose your hair. I am always pressured and I barely realize it, I’m too distracted by the lectures and criticism I get from my teachers and parents. I am pressured to be a perfect and well-rounded student. I must have the perfect grades, perfect GPA, perfect SAT score, perfect tennis player, and perfect friends. You know the saying “no one is perfect?” Yeah, I think parents don’t realize that.

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The pressure builds up each year until it is time for SATs and that’s when your future is basically on the line. I hate how much academic pressure we now have on students because speaking for all of us, it is driving us crazy. The competition for college is also so ridiculous. You vs. Students Across the World. Are you going to win? Time to kick in even more pressure.