Print versus Virtual World

Read…Read…Read So that you can succeed! The teenagers now-a-days seem to be forgetting this principle. Youngsters today watch movies, blog, make friends on social networking sites. The last thing to cross their mind is to read books. Sheer irony to support this fact is that a teenager can type out text faster than Manu scripting it.

To add fuel to the fire, public libraries in the localities are almost extinct in nature while Planet M jukeboxes, multiplexes are available in every mall you visit! Sure, Virtual world brings you pleasure, provides an audio-visual impact to your mind and soothes your senses. But reading printed material is a source of joy which knows no bounds. It not only develops imagination beyond extent but also enhances vocabulary which in turn helps the “nerds” in scoring well too. Reading e-books may have the same benefits as the printed books but reading e-books wastes energy and harmful radiations coming out of the computer screen harms your eyes. True, watching rain and reading about it are two different aspects but reading is far more fecunditious watching it.

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To tackle the situation, more and more book fairs should be organized. Writer’s meet should also be conducted to develop joy of reading. Public libraries should be formed and government should take initiative of turning more and more people towards libraries by offering them incentives like Free book issues, autographs of favorite writers, chance to write their own stuff and getting it published. Book clubs in schools should come into existence and should actually play a role in shaping the mind of a young adult, not just being virtually present. So, Watching Harry potter with cut out major scenes or reading it…With the emotions and the point of view of the writer herself, you decide! Your ONE decision can change your way of living life, enjoying little moments!