Privileges for Student Athletes

There is no denying the fact that nowadays most student athletes receive special treatment. They take easy courses, get high grades without having fully earned them. The question is the following: are the instructors really doing the student athletes a favor by being so lenient?It is true that by representing the school or college at various competitions student athletes defend the honor of their educational institution. Therefore, by being lenient to student athletes the instructors are contributing to its good image and reputation. However, they are not helping student athletes as individuals.

One might argue that student athletes could hardly correspond to the academic expectations due to their busy schedule. In this connection mention must be made of the fact that not only athletes have a tight schedule, but also the students involved in extracurricular activities, those having a part-time job, etc. All of them manage to keep up their studies and they do not expect any partial treatment.I believe that removing the privileges would be beneficial for the student athletes. Should the academic expectations be raised, student athletes would be obligated to learn the precious skill of time management. Despite their tight schedule they would have to complete all the necessary assignments, which would teach them to budget their time.

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Thus, in the long run they would actually benefit from their rigorous timetable. Such approach would keep the students motivated and concentrated on what is important. As they say, the less time you have the more effectively you use it.In conclusion, I believe that the stereotype of treating student athletes with leniency should be questioned and done away with. The challenge to be faced by student athletes should be succeeding in both the academic and sports sphere, not just the latter. Leveling the playing field would benefit the students in the first place, as they would become multi-faceted individuals, not just athletes.

Achieving both their academic and athletic goals would make their lives truly rich and eventful.