Professional Athletes

Sports and games that involve athletes are a popular way of entertaining that plays a significant role in people’s life. Professional athletes do have a responsibility to act always as role models for the people, especially children. Athletes do have to inspire people in terms of body fitness and striving for victories. The media nowadays make athletes heroes and role models.

These athletes are engaged in commercials in newspaper, televisions, and some even in the movie industry. Athletes being role models should take their status seriously (LaMae 8). This is because kids always have a person who is their idol. Most of them tend to be athletes and sportsmen. It does give the kid a motivation to become just like the athlete. This shows that athletes should act like an upstanding role model for children.

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Most teens miss their parents who have no longer devoted themselves to the young children. This makes kids turn to their favorite athletes, who do have a positive effect to their life. The development and circumstances of modern life have resulted in people’s less physical activity. Human body does require physical activity for its development and proper functioning. Physical education must address this.

The presence of a role model in youth’s life makes them try and achieve the perfection and their goals. This makes youths have more inspiration in life. Professional athletes should contribute and participate directly and have an impact on the lives of these young people. This means having some level of success in the community, as most people nowadays consider success in sports as a success in the community (Spitzer 208). In the society, there is a lack of role models like parents and other grownups.

This makes children consider their favorite athletes as an example to follow. They tend to copy everything they do, – their moves and attitudes; they try to act like them. Athletes can help the youth to be more determined. They show that perseverance and determination can help anyone to achieve his/her dreams. Athletes playing even after a terrible loss can help kids realize that even if they fail one time in school, they should keep trying their best. Professional athletes do sacrifice a lot to get on the top and be the best in their field.

Most of these athletes do have to forget a lot of fun events so that they can practice on their sport. This is a sense of sacrifice and discipline that young people should implement in their lives to excel (Seckbach 706). By having an athlete as a role model, they sacrifice a lot of things to concentrate on what they do. Most of the athletes are participating in a team sport. Having a team work is considered essential not only for athletes, but also for life of everyone. Athletes help in demonstrating to the youth and other people the importance of having a consolidated team.