Professional Identity

There are a number of attributes that are vital for one to be a nurse; proper time management, good communication skills, trustworthiness, physically fit, devoted, caring, sympathetic, responsible, hard-working, cooperation with colleagues and proper work ethics. Freshwater (2002) affirms that all these qualities combined with self-willingness of one to be a nurse make a commendable and competent nurse. Having grown up around people with background in nursing, I decided that I too was going to be a nurse. Additionally, I have worked on a number of assignments that have sharpened my thinking and increased my passion for nursing. For instance, in the course of the term, I wrote an article on bipolar disorder. The exercise helped me to understand the disorder further and know how to deal with people suffering from the disorder.

I learned that this is a disorder associated with irregular mood swings and variations in energy and activity levels as well as capacity to complete daily duties. Although genetic factors are considered to be the only cause of the disorder, research shows that some cases are as a result of environmental factors. Symptoms of the disorder are very confusing and if not careful examined, patients may be misdiagnosed. Moreover, if not properly managed, bipolar disorder an destroy careers, relationships, and also school work. There are a few suicidal cases by patients who are not handled appropriately (Freshwater 2002).

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However, good news is that the disorder is treatable and patients’ needs just the right medication coupled with good company and all will be well.As I wrote my assignment on bipolar disorder, I felt sympathetic of the affected individuals. I felt that as a nurse, it is my duty to help patients with that condition as they need caring people around them during an attack by the disorder. Patients with the disorder need attention from a nurse that is devoted to her work. I put myself in the shoes of that nurse and thought of ways to encourage and help patients. I also felt that I needed to keep myself physically fit as it is unpredictable what such patients can do.

Considering patient moods are up and down, Hanson and Hamric (2003, p. 204) argue that they could get violent at times, I found out that a nurse needs to be keen so that incase of any violent attacks, he will be in a position to defend myself and other people around the patients. Moreover I feel my good communication skills are vital as I need to communicate with patients effectively. Additionally, since this is more of a psychiatric situation, I need to sharpen my skills on patience and understanding inn order to deal with the patient. I also discovered that as a nurse, I’ll come across different patients with different conditions and it is important that I prepare myself for that. The society has a high expectation for nurses and I need to keep with the expectations.

It is often thought that nursing is a simple profession even though most of us who have been in a nursing class will agree that it is not that simple. Therefore, there is need for every nurse to be very diligent in order to progress in the nursing profession.My goal is to be a professional registered nurse so I am going to put extra effort in my studies so that I can attain good grades. It is not enough to simply go through the education system without scoring the required grades. I am prepared to do my best to excel in all tests relevant in making me a registered nurse. Being a registered nurse means I can work anywhere in the world as my registration is a proof of my competence.

In addition, a registered nurse is a form of unwritten curriculum vitae! I have set my goal and I am not settling for anything less. As it is often said “Determination knows no obstacle”, I will not rest till I achieve my goal. However, I am aware that this can only be accomplished through hard-work and persistence.