Importance of Professional Communication

Introduction Proper communication is essential for effective performance at every work place. Therefore for any efficiency to be seen in any organizations dealing with criminal justice there has to be effective communication. Communication is the means by which information is passed on from one point to another.

Poor communications can lead to dispersion of wrong and misleading information, which can ruin the image of an organization; therefore it’s important for proper communication to be in place. For this to be achieved the workers have to be trained to communicate as professionals in both their written and oral communication (Ferdico et al 277). Importance of Professional CommunicationOrganizations dealing with criminal justice issues are very delicate and sensitive. For that reason any misleading information originating from poor communication can cause much havoc. Criminal justice is a field with deals with investigation as well as interaction with different societies from different cultures. Due to the nature of work in this field it’s important for one to be an effective communicator or less it will not be easy to gather information from the field.

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That is one of the major reasons why before one is recruited in this field the organization has to be assured of your excellent communication skills (Ferdico et al., 276).There are many challenges which are experienced by the practitioners in this field. For example the complexity of the investigative tools that are used as well the harrdship experienced before getting completely familiar with the systems investigative procedures. ConclusionToday all companies are aiming at reducing cost while improving productivity therefore it’s become apparently clear that for one to secure a job they have to be productive and more skilled. As a result young people are working towards improving their skills and one of the areas which can sell one in the field of criminal justice is good communication skills.

Since all report writing involves writing skills it’s important and essential for one to be able to write well. Oral communication is inevitable at any work place therefore for that reason one can only be secure if they can communicate as professionals (Ferdico et al 280).