Importance of Communication

Larry King, famous for his direct and non-confrontational style of communication, has been a model for all those people who crave for the global reputation that he has earned through out his life. His distinctiveness in communication has helped him a lot to earn that acme of fame. His likings by all important politicians and leading figures in the entertainment industry can be construed in a way that people do not shy away their appearances in his programs on CNN.

He has interviewed about 40,000 people in his career. He is quite desirable host for easy and open-ended questions that is why people have no choice but him in their only interviews on breaking news stories on his show. He provides ample chances to people for stating their positions sans challenges and contentiousness. His communication style is effective one blended with frankness, humor and occasional burst of irreverence. There are countless icons in the world that are well known to us because of their communication whether it is acting, debating, singing, dancing; all areas demand an effective communication from a person.

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The above anecdote better helps us in understanding the significance of communication. The ability to communicate effectively puts you in an advantageous and competitive position whatsoever capacity and situation you are in. It certainly gives you an edge over others. Thus communication is better tool to make other people sense what you intend to convey through either verbal or non-verbal cues. Communication is an exchange of views, information, experience, feelings, grievance etc. to other person(s) through a medium.

All living things communicate their messages in one way or other. But human beings have got a particular ability of communicating a message through a variety of channels. Rapid advancement in technology has opened a gamut of tools of communication. Concurrently making communication is more complicated and challengeable. Effective communication helps you in bringing desired results out of the communication.communication that involves words in cues is known as verbal communication. But communication without words is known as non-verbal communication i.e. gestures, postures, body language, time, space etc. A baby makes us realize her very existence through crying on her birth and letter conveys her feelings and needs through different signals like crying, pointing with figures, smiling etc.

Similarly you start sharing feelings, needs, and knowledge in different ways in different situations of life and career in accordance with situation and audience. Your grasp over both verbal and non-verbal cues will elevate your professional growth. Entrance into an organization is possible with your knowledge and experience that you share with interviewers through all verbal and non-verbal signals. Your confidence is better determined with your tone and pitch of voice along with your posture and gesture. They judge truthfulness of what you say in your eyes and gestures.

Your tact is tested well how you handle different and difficult situation of your professional and personal life. Thus determination of the best candidate becomes possible with effective communication of your capabilities. Many great orators whom we hold in high regard today are known to us because of their gift of the gab that they are blessed with. Such individuals’ speech does not put us into confinement of only emitting words; but non-verbal communication also includes a great deal of meaning that we convey by non-verbal cues. Verbal and non-verbal cues go hand in hand in oral discourse.

Whether you make speech in a precession or make a presentation with business professionals, effective results are earned through controlled use and desired combination of both, verbal and non-verbal cues. Moreover, the appearance has great significance during speech. It can be your personal appearance and your surroundings. They convey your status and confidence; all that you are wearing portrays your personality. You get first impression of the audience through your appearance.

The audience tries to make up their mind about your being worthy for the occasion.Written messages’ demand is no less than that of oral messages. Selection of font size, color, paper or background of the message is equally important. If a proposal is written in such a color that is very flamboyant or dimmed can irritate the reader and may affect the desired feedback badly, and the writer of the message may not be able to convince the audience to win the favor at all. The proper white space in written message sooths well to eyes and is source of attraction for the audience to read it and comprehend it quickly with less time spent on it. Effectiveness of the written message heavily banks on the writer’s clarity of thought, expression and presentation in sequential way.

The art of writing elevates a person.Communication is an art that is learned with the passage of time through diversified experiences with people. It requires a wide exposure to different cultures because your less knowledge of verbal and non-verbal cues can put you into jeopardy of misunderstanding what you intend to gain from others through your codes. As it is said no non-verbal cue is same in all cultures. For instance, sign of ‘thumbs up’ in the US has different meaning as compared to its negative connotation in German culture.

We have been communicating our meanings into different ways since our birth. We yell when in pain or anger, other facial expressions like scowling, pouting, staring, spitting, growling, smiling, laughing etc. are all portray our feelings in different ways.It can be concluded that communication is a key to success in every sphere of life. It takes you to the zenith of success. Communication whether verbal or non-verbal, opens new avenues for your distinctive personality and envious existence.

There is need of adaptation in code selection in accordance with the situation and the audience. Effective communication brings the desired result.