Procrastination Narrative Essay

Have you ever procrastinated on something you know had to be done? If your answer’s yes, then you are just like millions of other people all over the world. procrastination is a problem everyone has at least once. Most people in the world procrasonate, its just part of life. Every one dose it.

I even procrastinated while writing this paper. Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to just sit down and focus. At first I couldn’t focus well enough to write this paper. But I finally made myself sit down and focus. It wasn’t easy but once I got started the rest of it just kind of flowed and I managed to get this paper done, for the most part. Once this paper got started it was easy.

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Anyone can overcome procrastination; all you got to do is try your best to focus. Once you get started the rest will just kind a, flow I guess. It’s hard to overcome a procrastination problem. Everyone dose it and its not always on purpose. Sometimes people will procrastinate and not even realize it. The littlest things will distract you, such as a pencil, paper, and anything else.

Other times people procrastinate simply because they don’t want to do the assigned work. Other times the work is just too overwhelming. Procrastination is a problem that many people all over the world have to deal with but with a little hard work and dedication you can overcome it too.