Procrastinstion Frustration

Everyone has had one of those projects that they just put to the side and not acknowledge until the night before it is due. When the teacher announces a project months in advance and in your head you say “I’m gonna start working on it this weekend and get it done”, but in reality you don’t even end up touching the project until the night before. We have all done this at one point. Procrastination seems to be a big problem in the youth. Statistics show that procrastination affects 20% of the population.

But what are some of the affects of procrastination and why do people do it? Procrastination has more of a negative effect than positive. Mostly, it affects your health. Procrastinating has lead to cases of the flu, insomnia and gastrointestinal problems in college students. It leaves students with a heavy load of work to do and ultimately can leave a huge amount of stress and anxiety on someone. However, some students seem to like the feeling of procrastinating.

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57% percent of student feel a combination of liking and disliking procrastination because it gives them a rush but also makes them feel pressured. There are several reasons why someone would put off a big essay to instead binge watch Netflix. The biggest reason is lack of effort and attentiveness from students. But some work better under the pressure, knowing it’s due tomorrow. But is it really worth all the pressure and loss of sleep? Procrastination has become a huge habit for many students.

The best way to prevent procrastinating in the future is to make a schedule and plan to stick to it. If you manage your time responsibly, it will be easier to set time aside for studying and leisure time. Removing distractions like the television and cellphone will help to make you work more efficiently and more productive. Using these tips should help to decrease the chances of putting off another assignment until the last minute.