Subject: to be a harbinger to the dangers of procrastination and self induced stress. Some stress is good for you but we all know that being too stressed sucks.

It isn’t always a malignant but you should try to avoid. Despite attempts to get rid of it; stress is enviable. But worse of all is self induced stress. Overbooking or procrastinating on work is all things we do. Succumbing to these things is easy.

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If you don’t procrastinate on your work, it may cause your grades to reverberate from your hard work. When students attempt to take on all their school work at once and try to do them without respite, we not only hurt ourselves but become fretful. We realize the excruciating fact that we can’t do all the work well. The work is then sloppy and poorly done. If you become a bit more remote from the television and do homework for an hour or so a night then you work quality would go up. And thus reducing some stress you may have.

When you decide to go hang out with friends or not do homework you are then thwarting yourself and causing more stress in the long run. Not all things are ubiquitous like stress. You just need to plan out your week and try not to take on everything at once. Start the project the day you get it. Don’t take on all the school clubs at once. Be smart about watching too much television or playing games; only do them after you’ve finish some homework.

Combining all of that will help to reduce stress.