Program Coordinator

This position will be involved in training and recruiting, screening and training the various volunteers and assigning them to their clients.

The other responsibility will be the provision of follow-up support for every group, planning and executing training workshops and implementing the community programs. The Assistant Life Coach Mentor This position calls for a highly competitive individual, with life skills, passion and determination in seeing the progress of the program from its beginning. The personnel will have the responsibility of teaching the mentorees about specific issues in life, covered in the program. The individual will also coach the youths, and adults in the program over prticular skills of life, therefore, this position requires the professionalism of an all-around individual. The individual in this position will also make recommendations to the Executive Director on how to make the center a safe and welcoming environment for the targeted individuals as well as carrying out research on the facilities to be put in place. The assistant coach will also act as the senior coach for the starting point of the program, but may later assume the full responsibilities of a senior coach.

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The Receptionist The receptionist in this program will hold the office of the human resources for the initial point of the program (Anderson & Anderson, 2005). This position will therefore be given to individuals with considerablle skills and experience in a similar position or as a human resource manager. The receptionist will be responsible of welcoming the clients. He or she will also relate to the outsiders as a representative to the program and will report to the Executive Director. This mandate will also extend to connecting the personnel in the field and the administration, and will automatically assume the position of the other personnel in case of their absenteeism. ConclusionAs per the program’s budget, the personnel identified above will each handle the responsibilities mentioned, although there would be expected liquidity within them so that the program affairs will override personal conflicts and attain efficacy (Anderson & Anderson, 2005).