Program Planning

The first thing we did in our community was to identify the problems in our area. Then, we prioritized and ranked them.

The highest is sanitation family planning so we focused our heath teaching on those two. Majority of the families we interviewed have three to five children without proper birth spacing. Based on our survey, we came to realized that most of them are not aware of the different family planning methods. We did a research on the different contraceptives and made leaflets that shows them the different methods.For sanitation we bought broomsticks, sacks and rugs. We also bought groceries for prizes.

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We also prepare sandwich and juice for them. We coordinate with the officials in the barangay hall for the sound system, chairs and for the security of everybody including us. We went to the association president and ask her help for the invitation and we gave out some invitations to the families in our community including the families we didn’t interviewed. Then we finalize our plan for the program. We printed our leaflets, made different visual aids and made signage.

On the day of our program we rented a truck for our transportation. We prepare a table for free BP and soon we started our program. We noticed that the audiences are so enthusiastic. We started our heath teaching with sanitation, family planning, and herbal medicine. We also showed them the different herbal plants. To test our adult guests, we asked some questions from the four and gave a price for the answers.

Games were prepared. Raffles were done in between the program. Before the program ended, we handed them giveaways. We gave the sandwiches and juices to those with stubs.