Proj Case Study

Outsourcing some of the current In-house business processes can Increase the business process span, allow Travel Magazine’s to concentrate on its niche and reduce cost.

Presented within this executive summary are suggested business processes that can be outsourced. The business processes considered must be in place within 9 months so that the company can maintain and continue to venture on In order to start and malting a magazine company, there are certain business processes that need to be In place.

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For example, there needs to be accounting, editorial, photography, publishing, distribution, printing, layout, advertising, editing, and articles to name a few. More business process is needed if here are employees, for example human resources, IT support, and marketing. Now Travel Magazine must consider possibly outsourcing a website, advertising, distribution, printing and photography to reduce cost. By outsourcing these business processes to other outsourcing companies that concentrate on that particular service, Travel Magazine will be able save and reduce cost.

Travel Magazine will not have to employ employees for those particular departments or service, which means Travel Magazine will not have employees to pay out a salary or benefits to. Time is also another major factor, and time will be saved if outsourcing takes place. Allowing the outsourced company the liberty to concentrate on that particular service they have to offer and allowing Travel Magazine to concentrate on Its niche and unique service and/or product save time.

Closeout I – Verify that the services were met and satisfactory- Update any fiscal year paperwork and activities (IEEE. , accounts, budget, contract file) I If Travel Magazine decides to outsource the business process acknowledged throughout this executive summary, then the expected start time is 60 days following this document. This time will ensure for enough time to go through the procurement process.

An accountability check will take place every 30 days for 6 months following he start of the contract.

If the process is succeeding, there will then be a performance check done every 60 days to ensure proper quality and service is being provided. In the event that there is a failure or a glitch, Travel Magazine will evaluate ten Issue on a case-Day-case Dash . Once ten Issue Is evaluated It will De eternal to either change/modify the contract or terminate the contract. If a termination off contract takes place, Travel Magazine will have the option to consider having that business process in-house or considering a vendor that previously bid.