Project Planning: Fitness in Teenagers

Review of the Topic The point of focus in this project is the relevance/importance of fitness in teenagers. Teenagers are a key part of the section comprising of young people in the society. Their health is not only of relevance to them, but it also saves the government millions of dollars in medical funds and other liabilities that align with unfit citizens. It also proved that a physically fit adolescent who is aged eighteen years has a higher IQ as compared to his/her unfit peers (Teen Fitness pp.

1). The relevant authorities need to take the needed steps in ensuring that the teenagers in Rio Grande Valley have the adequate resources at their disposal which will allow them to become as fit as they can. If they choose to lead unfit lifestyles, the teenagers will have no one but themselves to blame. Target Audience This project targets the teenagers. As identified earlier, the teenagers make a relevant portion of the society.

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Science states that most of the body development stops when one reaches eighteen years old. There is a rapid body development when one attains his/her teenage years. For this reason, the body must be as fit as possible in order to accommodate these rapid changes. Additionally, some issues encountered in these crucial years may affect the person for the rest of his life. Teenage fitness should be highly upheld so that the physical and lifestyle change advocated for from all avenues does not start in adulthood, but rather be cultivated from an early age.

When the teenagers start becoming fit, a culture of fit adults will be developed. Why Teenagers Should Care Research shows that approximately a quarter of the children in Rio GrandeValley are obese (“UT Health” 8). Unfortunately, this status does not change for the majority of this quarter of the children once they turn into teenagers. Nationwide, almost fifty percent of the young people, including teenagers, are overweight, obese or at the risk of acquiring either of the statuses (Sawtell 5). The list of the health disorders associated with overweight, obesity or the general unfitness of the body is quite long.

The diseases at the top of the list include diabetic and heart-related complications. Teenagers should thrive to be fit if they want to have healthy adult years once they make through their teenage years. Some diseases such as diabetes are permanent. Fitness is therefore relevant to all teenagers who have the least love for themselves and the people around them. As it is wellknown, illnesses affect both the patient and those who are not sick, especially when it relates to our loved ones.

Background In the past, fitness was mainly an issue relating to the adults. People assumed that children and teenagers would engage in various sports activities in schools, thus be involved in fitness activities. As it is identified, not all students engage in sporting activities. There are those who engage in other activities that do not require any active physical engagements. On the other hand, the intake of fast foods as lunches and snacks continued to escalate over the years (Salkind 25). As a result, the risk of one becoming obese during the teenage period raised by more than fifty percent.

The need for putting resources and enhancing fitness education as far as the teenagers are concerned became more relevant. The fit lifestyle is to be encouraged with or without the presence of the education system. Thesis: Teenage fitness is relevant as it will cultivate the needed culture of a healthy and fit adult nation.Fitness is not only relevant to teenagers, but it is also relevant to every person who is alive. However, there seems to be a lot of focus when it comes to fitness as it pertains to the adults instead of having an equal distribution of this focus. Since some people might argue that children are too young to have such activities as morning runs and other physical exercises enhanced on them, these exercises should start with teenagers.

An “excising” culture will be embedded on these young people even when they grow up. Pathos Examples The social media and other forms of media including computer games, video games, and the television have made the young people. The older generation agrees that some of the best entertainment included learning how to use the skate-board and having bicycle competitions. Everything engaging some form of physical activity would shed off the extra weight. It does not mean that there were no obese cases in the past; it just means that the chance of engaging in physical activities was much higher than it is today. Everything seems to be a few clicks away.

No teenager wants to spend the rest of his teenage and adult life walking with insulin and a syringe if he/she can avoid it now. Being fit today is one effective way that these fateful incidences can be avoided in the future. . Exaamples of Ethos I have special interest in the growth and development of young people; so I have taken the step to engage in disciplines that dwell on the same with the inclusion of the whole societal concept. I have also participated in many activities that encourage fitness in young people in my high school years and college years. I also mobilized the young people in my community to take part in some activities that engaged the whole body at least thrice a week Logos The statistics described earlier shows that the teenagers have a higher probability of getting diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles as opposed to the fit ones.

Additionally, people have to start some activities in the early stages if they are to be embedded as part of the culture. If fitness is to become part of the Rio GrandeValley culture, then it must start with the teenagers if not the children. There will as many or more obese teenagers as there are children if such fitness practices do not take place. Fit teenagers will become fit adults.Opposition and Retaliation The opposition states that these resources can be put in the education arena, which includes the college fund.

However, as much as education is relevant, people need to be fit and healthy for them to acquire the skills given in schools. Additionally, there is no need of putting the amount of resources evident in the medical sector when a more permanent solution can be achieved by putting some resources in the fitness sector (Sawtell 18). Some people argue that its relevance is subordinate to other issues relating to the development of these communities in Rio GrandeValley. My answer is that teenage fitness is part of developing these communities. Main Points to be Considered Fitness in teenagers is relevant as it prepares their bodies to accommodate and cope with the rapid change taking place during this period.

Healthy and fit teenagers will transform and become fit and healthy adults. A fit student is an effective student; so there is a need to find balance between fitness and education I am qualified to lead this project due to my skills and experiences in the field. The people opposing should find as many opposing points as possible so that I may continue to justify the relevance of teenage fitness.