Psychological Analysis: Arsat’s Behaviors

Psychological analysis of literary works is an approach to understand the truth in human’s mind and behavior in different aspects. This kind of analysis uses characters in stories as representatives of human beings under circumstances motivating human to react mentally and physically.

As characters in literary work reflects what in their minds through their actions and thoughts, analyzing literatures using psychological theory is a realistic and reasonable method. To understand motives of Arsat’s, a character in “The Lagoon” thoroughly, we need to analyse “The

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Lagoon” by applying the literary interpretation with a psychological theory; Sigmund Freud’s “Structural Model of Psyche”. In “Structural Model of Psyche”, Sigmund Freud divided our minds into three parts; ‘d, Ego and Superego. They describe mental and physical activities and interactions in life theoretically. According to this theory, “‘d” is the unorganized part of our minds. ld acts on the basis of avoiding pain or unpleasure evoked by instinctual tensions.

While “‘d” cannot take a “no” to block its yearning, “Ego’ is an organized part of mind that drives ld in practical and realistic ways that benefit life in ong term.

Work in opposition to the ‘d, “Superego’ controls all of our actions and notions toward socially appropriate manners and acceptable ways. I am going to interpret and analyse actions and motives of a specific character, Arsat, in “The Lagoon” applying Sigmund Freud’s “Structural Model of Psyche” as an approach of getting the full understanding of this character. Divided into three parts; ‘d, Ego and Superego, this essay covers all aspects of Arsat’s behaviors and the reasons behind those behaviors deeply and clearly in psychoanalysis angle.

Firstly, ld deals with wants unconsciously in only one rule, the pleasure principle. Arsat’s Ids are divided into two parts; minor ld and main ld.

The minor ld can be seen in the quote “l could see nothing but one face, hear nothing but one voice” which portrays the desire of Arsat that wants Diamelen, a servant of Rajah’s wife, to flee and to be with him. He is completely in love with her and is totally commanded by the ld to do anyway to get Diamelen. Furthermore, the quote mfou came to the cry of my heart, but my arms take you into my boat against the will if the great” suggests that

Diamelen comes to his protection from the Rajah’s great army coming. His minor ld accomplished even though it means that he has to break the society’s rules and betray his Ruler. Apart from the minor ‘d, “My love is so great, that I thought it could guide me to the country where death was unknown” shows the main ld comprehensively. Not only having Diamelen to be the important ld that plays significant role of pushing his actions but it can also drives Arsat to the main goal of his life which is to be in “a country where death is unknown”.

He believe that his great love is going to lead him o the country. Again, ld plays its role effectively by not being concerned, even the character needs to sacrifice his family bond, about anything but to achieve the goal it is aiming. Moreover, From the quote “l pushed the canoe! I pushed it into deep but I was no afraid of life, Was she not there in the canoe? And could I not with her find a country where death is forgotten-where death is unknown! “, conveys that Arsat, influenced by ‘d, unconsciously uses his intimate persons as his tools to reach his main goal.

First, He uses his brother to help him get Diamelen from the ruler, from he quote “l went to him and told him that I could see nothing but one face, hear nothing but one voice”, as he knows surely that his physical strength could definitely not made him survive from the escape, from when Arsat was so exhausted from paddling for along time, then ask his brother to get some rest and his brother answer firmly with no sense of fatigue in his voice “Good”.

Realization of Arsat’s own insufficient strength can also be seen in the way Arsat admires his brother as a strong and brave man, Just the same as a person admires others who have something that the person doesn’t. After he obtain his minor goal, Diamelen, he abandon his brother necessarily or he cannot reach his main goal, “from the quote I never turned my head, my own name!.

.. My brother! Three times he called-but I was no afraid of life, Was she not there in the canoe? “. The major thing that he is worried is to have Diamelen beside him and leads him the the main goal.

Second, Arsat uses Daimelen as his encouragement to find the country where death is unknown which he believe that Love from both both Diameen and him will guide then to his illusion world, from the quote “My love is so great, that I thought it could guide me to the ountry where death was unknown.

” The character, Arsat, is controlled unconsciously by the Id that makes him trying to respond his craving without thinking of morality, society and family. It also drives him to abandon his responsibility to family and country.

He decides to accept his desire and is bound up in self-satisfaction and uncaring to others. Secondly, Ego works as the rational part of mind trying to block the ld and making the ld to realize that it cannot always get what it wants. Ego Operates relating to the real world and function as the negotiator between the ld and the Superego.

Like ‘d, Ego aims to get the Id’s satisfaction but based on reason and long-term consequences. In “The Lagoon”, Arsat’s Ego works well in the beginning but it failed when his ld gets stronger.

Even Arsat tremendously desires Diamelen through the actions reflected from ‘d, his Ego still work properly in the beginning, from “He told me ‘Open your heart so that she can see what is in in-and wait, Patience is wisdom. ‘ ..

. l waited. ” He pospones his ld as his brother suggested. In addition, from the quote “l fed the hunger of my heart on short glances and stealthy words. ” and Unseeing, we spoke to snother through scent of flowers” portrays that the Ego is well-functioned; Arsat find other way to satisfy his desire without breaking the rules of society.

However, his Ego cannot remain effective as the ld gets bigger.

We can see from the quote “l began to think of killing and fierce death” that his ld tries to overcome his rational part of mind that he predict the situation after he snatch Diamelen from his Ruler. This portrays the sign of Ego weaken by ld which is supported by his opinion that “we are of a people who take what they want… There is time when a man should forget loyalty and respect.

.. to all men is given love and strength and courage. “, this kind of idea supports that he also has the right to obtain what he wants.

And Finally, his ego is completely gone when he decides to betray his Even though his Ego, rational part of mind that work along with the real world, can function effectively for a matter of time that it can postpone his actions towards his desires but against the society, his ld which is much more powerful than his Ego is able to control his entirely actions easily.

Thirdly, Superego is also called the moral part of mind. It works contradiction to the id that Superego longs for perfect actions and thoughts forced by rules and morals.