Public or Private School?

Do I want ice cream or a brownie tonight? That is a pretty tough question.

If you choose ice cream it might taste good at first but then a brain freeze will ruin your night. A brownie always is delicious but is it worth the extra calories? Now a decision like this won’t affect the outcome of one’s life but it is still important. This situation can also be applied to the debate of public or private school. Both public and private schools have their perks and downfalls but the ultimate choice should be that of the students. The greatest thing about the public school system is well, it’s free! It is also a great way for a student to meet a variety of people with different beliefs, backgrounds and incomes. Although mixed in with this variety of people comes the gangs and social statuses.

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It’s pretty safe to say that every public middle or high school has some kind of gang representative there. These gangs bring fights and drugs to the school which could be a bad influence on one’s child. Public schools also teach to variety of levels. However the gang members or any of the kids who have had a rough childhood tend to be more disruptive in class. This might cause students who are willing and ready to learn to fall behind where they could be. Some public schools offer better programs than private schools.

Sports and musicians would flourish more in a public school because their programs are funded by the government. That allows them to do more things that a private school might not be able to and pay more teachers to have more elective classes. Private schools are obviously considerably more expensive because the government isn’t funding them. Private schools are a lot less tolerant of bad behavior. If a student doesn’t want to be there and is causing problems a private school can kick them out.

Public schools could never do this unless the student did something extremely bad. Private schools also have less diversity. The majority of private schools are tied to a religion. If the student isn’t of that same religion it could be frustrating for them to be constantly surrounded by it and expected to participate in it. If the student is religious it is a great opportunity for them to grow in their faith. Private schools have stricter rules which keep the students in order and the classes on task.

This allows students to move through material quicker. However, this also means that students will have more work and will be more challenged. Teachers are also less exhausted by the end of the day because they don’t have to constantly redirect and battle their students like in public school. Many private schools are either all-girl or all-boy schools. This is good if a child doesn’t feel comfortable being themselves around the opposite sex or if they don’t want to be involved in the drama that seems to always come out of boys and girls existing together. However, not being around the opposite sex could lead to a lack of social skills when dealing with people of the other gender.

Uniforms are also a big part of private schools. Uniforms are a good way of ensuring that kids aren’t being made fun of for what they are wearing but it also takes away a sense of self-identity and expression. This decision needs to be made by what that student and his or her family feels is best for him or her. Being in the same place for eight hours every weekday is exhausting, especially if the student hates the place they have to be. Each student is different and would flourish better in different circumstances.

No school is absolutely perfect but certain ones do fit better. It is hard to make that decision without experiencing and knowing what one thinks of both. The right choice will lead to dramatic changes in the way the student sees his or her life and how their general attitude is shaped. A student must weigh the pros and cons of both public and private school to decide what school is best for them. So whether a brownie or ice cream is chosen, put some whipped cream and chocolate sauce on both and make the most of it. Certain times one will question the decision they made but if it is properly thought out the decision made can’t be wrong.