Public School s Ugh!!!

When I was in 5th grade, I switched from private school to public. This sounded great at first. No uniforms yay! I thought to myself. I didn’t even think about the diference in the academics.

Why would I was in fith grade. It was the first day of school, and I already hated my teacher. She talked to us like we were autistic. Everyone called her Mrs. Witchfield.

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I was so bored in reading and math.The kids in my class took nine weeks to read a book. What I was learning in math was what I learned in third grade. I didn’t try and still got all A’s and high B’s. I always told my dad that school was too easy.

He said “Then why don’t you get all hundreds.” I told him because I don’t try. He told me I should. I thought why should I try? I’m bored and don’t feel like trying I get all A’s anyways. In class, my teachers weren’t very good at teaching.

Some kids would come to me for help. Then came the PSSA test. It’s a state test everyone has to take.I advanced in all my subjects. But for my whole grade the average grade in my school was a 38%. How sad is that? I’m not writing this artical because I want to brag about how I’m smarter than everyone.

But I’m in middle school now and I’m still learning the same things i learned in 3rd and 4th grade. We need to do something about the education in public schools.