Public vs. Private

There are different types of schools in the nation; public and private. When parents want their children to be able to express themselves in their own way, they are typically sent to a public school. This includes clothing. The paucity of your open mindedness amazes me. A student being forced to dress up at a public school doesn’t make sense.

Everyday should remain as casual Friday for pupils. When my mother received the letter she was distraught and felt the same way the students feel. Let students be kids while they still can. This does not mean that students should be able to wear inappropriate dress with impunity. It simply means that, within few guidelines, students should be allowed to wear what they like. I am still trying to construe who thought of this and why.

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Did parents call in? Are teachers complaining? What’s the problem? How will teachers and office workers be differentiated from the students if we are dressing as they do? I understand that in private schools they do not tolerate students wearing anything except a uniform, but Arrowhead High School is public. If the office didn’t have enough parents calling in complaining prior to the letter being sent, they will now. Parents will be trying to elicit the truth from whoever made this decision. Students are also beginning to speak out. They are demanding to figure out what is duplicity and what is factual. Every person has their own sense of style and their own personality and forcing students to dress as if they are adults would be pernicious to their individuality.

I do not mean for this letter to seem egregious or acrimonious in any way, all I want is to have a better understanding as to why this is necessary.