Quantitative Research Design

Summary of the DissertationsThe above was a dissertation title that was explored by Yeging Bao on business subject that was much inclined in marketing in particular. The content of the work shows that the author was interested in investigating/ studying the integration between juvenile and family factors and their influences in the consumption of products or services. According to the work, the author sought the understanding and knowledge of the role played by children as part of family in making decisions concerning product consumption to aid sale and marketing team in developing marketing communication strategies that incorporate children and juvenile in the marketing process.

Parental style and power structure were key factors Bao studied, but these are not the only parts which the targeted audience can benefit from; however other pertinent areas including consumer socialization theory that explains how behaviors and discipline is impacted in children and its relations on the business world; the role and impacts of different family communication environment and pattern, power relational theory and its sub-topics, review of other experts’ research work on consumption decisions concerning/involving children among others. The author concludes on the general power and parental styles that tend to influence consumption, and the manner in which they model the influencing strategy employed by the youngsters. Finally, the work commended on the significance of the information in creating and formulating marketing messages (Boa, 2001).The above research work was put forward by Chong, where he concentrated on the skill of writing English. The author investigated on the various types of English that are written in state of Singapore. His major concerning is the influence which mother tongue impacts on the learners in country as the endeavor to embrace bilingualisms.

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The author posits that the inherited English language by the children of Singapore is varied and far from standard one. The history of the content shows that Singaporeans as a community comprising of mixed races in which learning of English language enable instructors of the various subject to use more than one language in their profession but those other subject other than English hardly help in developing the skill of creative writing. In brief, the author exposes key and important areas which include definition of writing, relationship of writing skills and speaking, reading and the approaches to writing in different contexts such as journalism. Further, the author’s review explores roles and communication respond effects between teachers and learners. The work proceeds on the description of the methodology for which questionnaires were used in the collection of the data and its processing analysis. As the author put his last remarks based on the result of the study, speaking in English together with ceaseless reading models students to become excellent writers (Chong, 2002).

Clarity, philosophical approach and frame workThe work presented by both authors show that they had first a broad idea in their initial thinking, whereby Boa thought of factors that influences consumption decision on the family basis while Chong reflected on aspects that affect writing English within the Singaporean population. The introductory statements from the two studies seemed to be too broad; hence, Boa and Chong narrowed their works to focus specifically on influencing issues of adolescents on consumption decisions and aspects that influence English in primary schools respectively. All in all, the literature reviewed in the two dissertations provide crucial information to the reader, in so doing this provided an opportunity for in-depth evaluation of the topic. A part from this, it also offered the chance to constrict the research focus, eliminating chances of unintentional broadening of the work, but containing it within the borders of the research objectives (Yin, 2008).Limitation of existing knowledgeDespite the fact Chong’s work is devoid of past statistical account, the theoretical backgrounds, Boa points out that there has been a major limitation in the study of children’s influences based on the failed integration of power relational theory and consumer socialization theory. A gain, Boa also scrambled with the problem of unearthing the information on the factors which determine the employment of a particular strategy by children and how such factors are engineered.

Type of researchOn the section of methodology, each of the authors employed his intellectual and knowledge to select the most suitable research design that suited the study question at hand. Having close look on the designs, Chong’s work used the questionnaire model to gather data for six students and their teacher from the various schools. The Data gathered was organized such that it showed the scoring marks of the students’ sample used in the survey which may have led to assigning the research work to have employed the quantitative design. However, this was accompanied by discussion analysis fraught of explanation. The combination of the two then leads me to classify the work to have used mixed design.

Moreover, Boa work applied several data collection methods comprising survey, field observation, experimental field interaction as well as personal interviews which definitely shows the used of both quantitative and qualitative design in the work. The final report is flooded with statistical information such means and F-value of the various aspects as well as elaborative context which further confirms the used mixed method (Matthew and Huberman, 1994).Empirical data and sourcesUndoubtedly, the taste of the work was highly supported from other previously documented materials. For instance, Boa formulated an index as means of approximating the children’s influence which was an idea that was borrowed from Corfman and Lehman. In his study (pg 110), it can also be seen that Boa compared the reliability of the parental responses with those of the children. On this comparison of result, Boa said that they were much comparable with those found on the study carried out by Steinberg et al.

This implies that he did not rely solely on his own ideas, but had the ability to consult and used other people’s work to construct acceptable quality work (Creswell, 2009).The use of the term quality integrate many aspects including the relevancy of the sparkling supporting contents of the title and the goals of the work, which charmingly makes the reader’s eyes to get stuck from word to another. Actually, the structure or work organization of the two authors easily propels the audience through the splendid work, commencing from the introductory through the philosophical part of the portion that set the foundation of the work till the end where he/she find pertinent list of mines of knowledge on the subject. However, Boa and Chong’s Canon of there of the knowledge mines contrast one another.

It appeared that Chong was well equipped with books, whereas Boa spent most of his precious by calling on and browsing through the journal section and the journals. It is evident that both authors consulted a variety of previously published literature sources including books and journals that had been published in a period not more than ten years earlier from the date of their authorization of the dissertations.Limitation acknowledgementIt’s common known that man is to err, and whoever has not done a mistake has discovered nothing. This is to say the Chong and Boa having this understanding reflected on their work and found that several areas were still blurred to the reader and themselves. Deep in Boa’s thoughts was that the work was incomplete not unless other children’s influencing environmental factors that affect human behavior were put into consideration such as the culture give-and-take within family members, whereas Chong was puzzled on the generalization of the results whose selected sample population was very small.

Significance of the dissertations to the learnerDespite the wide disparities both in content and length of works, I believe the works are invaluable not only to me but to many other students and researchers. Though content of Chong’s work seemingly appear to be a bits shallow as compared to the of Boa, this doesn’t imply the dissertation was insignificant to me, but I feel much indebted to the authors for their splendid works which has bolstered my understanding on the development research skeleton as well as helping me in building the knowledge and understanding of the stuff requirements on different research subject. I can therefore assert that these works fortifies the foundational acquired knowledge on research work besides acting as stepping stone to higher level of developing research. Generally, I think the well organized reviewed dissertations would be used as best reference guiding material for many learners desiring to develop well structured and concept fault free research work. This means that the dissertations acts as source of energy that impel my thinking to culture and develop my tender research ideology to maturity so as to inspire others in the future.