Queen Nefertiti

When Nefertiti(Nefertiti meaning the beautiful one has come)was soon to be Queen of Egypt.Nefertiti was getting married to King Amenhotep IV.Peple around the globe now know King Amenhotep as King Akenaten.The couple ruled Egypt together with there six daughters. There names are Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, Neferneferuaten-Tasherit, Nefeferneferuaten, Neferneferure and Setepenre.

The family originally ruled in the city Thebes but the family decided to move the capitol more than 150 miles up the Nile River and built a new city Amarna.This is where they lived as they built it. This family was very close and was beautiful. But one day the children’s parents (Nefertiti and Akenaten) decided that all of Egypt should all follow the one religion (Aton meaning sun, heat and sunlight) which was making all Egyptians monotheism which meant that they could only follow one god but they did not agree. So as the family became more hated than ever Egypt was prepared to do anything so they would not have to be monotheism.

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During this time there family had been torn apart as Akernarten died. This left Nefertiti in a awkward situation with her six daughters as Egypt‘s people thought that this was the time to strike and get revenge on Nefertiti for what she did to the people of Egypt making them become monotheism. During this time Nefertiti disappeared because Egypt was going to kill her.Nefertiti was never to be seen again, but archeologists believe she never died but she dressed up as a man and gave up her royalty.It was thought she went by the name called “Smenkhkare”.Nefertiti was never seen and archeologists have never discovered Nefertiti’s tomb or her husband’s (Akernarton).

The reason why is when her husband died and she disappeared Egypt decided to ruin everything of there’s. But there story still continues today. Archeologists have never found the couples tomb. But in December a citizen of Egypt Amarna Nefertiti’s Bust was discovered witch was 3000 years old around where they lived witch is now a ghost town. Still there bodies have not been found and there story is still unknown as archeologists have looked all over Egypt for clues but all they have found are tiny details and faded Egyptian writing up and down walls.