The Queen of Tejano

Selena Quintanilla Perez was born on April 16th 1971 she was born to Mexican parents in lake city Texas to Abraham Quintanilla Jr and Marcella Ofelia samora she was the youngest out of her brothers and sisters She joined her brother Abraham (A.B.) who was eight and sister Suzette who was four she started showing that she wanted to sing when she was three she started singing in Spanish and English when she was six when she was nine her father started a music group with her and her siblings her father had a band called “Los Dinos” which meant “the guys” in English he turned his old group name into the new name “Selena y Los Dinos”. Her brother Abraham (a.b) produced most of her songs he played the bass and he sister Suzette played the drums The 1980’S Selenas first performance was at the Quintanilla family restaurant selena recorded her first album called “selena y los dinos”.she would take road trips with her family and they would perform all over Mexico selena and her group made a unique sound by mixing cumbia,r;b and pop she was loved by fans all over the world.

She was kind beautiful and had a positive attitude and made good music which made her fans love her more. In 1986 “selena y los dinos” released Alpha followed by Munequito Ee Trapo she was also discovered by two big names Rick Trevi founder of the Tejano Music Awards and Johnny Canales the host of one of the top Spanish television shows. In 1986 selena was at the tejano music awards and won best female vocalist award Jose Behar said “he found the star he’s been looking for” and sooned signed her to EMI Latin. The 1990’s In 1990, Selena released Mis Primeros Exitos means “my first hits” in English and her album “ven conmigo”was the first tejano album to reach gold status Entre a Mi Mundo contained what was to become one of her biggest songs Como La Flor means “like the flower”. Selena married Chris Perez, the lead guitarist of Los Dinos, on April 2nd, 1992 without her mother and her father knowing her father did not like Chris Perez because of his past and his attitude.

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In 1993 she made her own clothing line she opened two boutiques named selena etc. one in Corpus Christi and one in San Antonio.1994 was a big year for her. Her duet with Barrio Boyzz “Donde Quiera Que Estes” means “hit number one on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks. On march 31st 1995 selena was shot by her fan club manager when she arrived at the hospital she was prounced dead at 1:05 pm the news got out the whole Latino world was devastated the funeral service was held April 1st 1995 her parents had a open casket people from all over even Madonna and other pop singers came to bring flowers give prayers and etc her memory still lives on to this day she will always be remembered at the “queen of tejano” R.I.P SELENA QUINTALINA PEREZ APRIL 16TH 1971-MARCH 31ST 1995