In order for Quixtar to implement the above discussed aspects of human relation, the organization needs to come up with development strategies that are value based. The needs to create talent in a company are an important factor due to the long term impact on the organization. One of the major reasons that organizations that provide their products and services online fail in the lack of talents, the presence of bright and intelligent personnel in an organization is not all as this does not guarantee the success of the organization for a long term.

The intelligence of the staff is not sufficient to run a successful organization as they may lack the sound values and strong logic of integrity. In a competitive universe where the reputation of organizations is created over many years, the same reputation can be crashed in an overnight and for this reason it is very important that Quixtar is represented by individuals who are of character (Sarah 2010).Quixtar is a privately owned universal corporation that is known for its sales of over seven billion dollars of its products and services. This company has over 13, 000 employees and has more that 3 million private distributors of their products and services. Since the foundation of this organization, it has been run primarily on four basic essential namely the freedom, family, hope and rewards.

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Quixtar has a strong belief that both the individual and economic freedom is part and puzzle of an organization. The freedom entails the exploration of one’s ability in the value based sector. The family entails the possession of a consistent group of values and structure for growth as this gives room for individuals who thrive in the organization. If a business has hope, then it has the power of transformation of individual’s lives to be more positive, this includes chances of possibilities for other individuals. Finally, reward is an action that entails the process of giving and receiving, rewarding shows recognition for an individual commitment and contribution s to the building of an organization. The above four basic essentials are not based on time or script and create into what Quixtar is today in the world (Sarah 2010).

One of the main differentiators to Quixtar global succession management process is on the basis that the company as been developed not to be just a less complex leadership substitute activity whereby it is not a case of identification of precise people s the likely replacements for various seats. Succession process at Quixtar is an active activity that entails the ownership of the development of the recognized individuals with potential and performance credits. The second differentiator in the human relation sector of Quixtar is the clear boundary between the high potential individuals and the high performers. Basically, in Quixtar, the high performers are of much value and critical in the success and future of Quixtar organization. These are the main contributors in this organization that show the high and consistent performance, these individuals continue to expand their knowledge on their profession and are hence potential of lateral moves or bigger positions within their work. On the other hand, the high potentials are the high performers with the “the potential, ability and aspiration for successive leadership positions, typically two levels or more.

” (Sarah 2010).Quixtar is a business that leads the way in the development of business with the Professional Development Accreditation Programmers (PDAP). The receiving of this accreditation in the human relation sector of Quixtar business is a proof of the commitment of the organization to providing the professional development of products and services that meet the international quality level. The PDAP applicants are accessed on, first, the provision of a professional development curriculum that entails the products and services training and the organization development components. Second, the engagement of communication that abides by IBO communications policy that is commonly summarized as “focus on business and treat other as you would like to be treated”.

Third, the provision of a professional development compensation plan that is clear, on paper and contractual. In order for an organization to have qualified in the above, it must have a human relation department that is in full force. Basically, the entire company of Quixtar relies on the person to person recommendation instead of the idea of solely developing on advertisement of its products and services. The apparent human relation department is slightly different form the old Quixtar as a result of the changing world and technology that calls for a change in the ways things are run in order for the business to maintain its market. For instance, the distribution of products has changed overtime. Today, provision of services and products is done via the partner stores that are all over the different cities of the United States instead of the old model whereby a customer had to order his or her product form a distributor who delivered it later.

Due to the advanced technology today, the Quixtar customers today can order a product and pay online and wait for delivery directly (Sarah 2010).