Race Discrimination

Race Discrimination It is important to fight for what you believe in. The Civil Right Movement was one huge step for our country. An unforgettable and truly remarkable one. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in January 15, 1984.

He was a religious man, who believed in equality. Because of his beliefs he began to fight back against discrimination. He lead the boycott along with fellow civil right movements leaders against public transportation. ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’ Rosa Parks was born in February 4, 1913. She didn’t fully complete her education due because she left to care for her sick grandmother, but her husband helped her get her high school diploma.

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After refusing to give up her seat for a white person, Parks became one of the most known civil right leaders. ‘The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.’ Barbara Jordan was born in February 21, 1936. In 1972 she was elected to congress. Jordan was a US congressional representative from Texas and was the first African American Congresswoman to come from the deep south. We are a people in a quandary about the present.

‘We are a people in search of our future. We are a people in search of a national community.’ Ruby Bridges was born in September 8, 1954. Bridges was the first African American child to attend an all white public elementary school in the American south. Overcoming a lot of obstacles along the way. Many parents refused to send their kids to school, but after a year classes resumed and everything was forgotten.

Don’t follow the path. ‘Go where there’s no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trial equipped with courage, strength and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you.’ All these were important people who, made history or fought for rights. They had fought to end race discrimination, that was their untimed goal.

Do you think they accomplished their goals or what they worked really hard for? Take a moment or minute to reflect on this issue today at some point.