Rainy Street Corner

On this one lonely corner theres a mother and a daughter. I notice the little girl because her bright yellow rain coat and matching little boots stand out against the grayness. Her mother is pressing the crosswalk button vigorously while the little girl is staring at a puddle intently. The cars are driving by and the rain is pounding down.

I’m surprised the poor girl isn’t pined to the wet ground beneath her boots. Her mother is still tapping the button impatiently and the little girl hops in the puddle with her feet together and just as the water splashes out a taxi drives by making a bigger splash of water. I shield my eyes, frightened this little girl was going to be swept away but this big wave of water. As I open my eyes I see her smiling face as she stomps and frolics in the puddle. Then the light changes, the walk is clear, the girl and her mother walk forward, and as they get to the other side the littles girls face as she turns to smile at me is barley visible beyond the roaring of cars and the pounding rain making it all so grey except for the little yellow raincoat and matching boots.

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