Rainy Day in a Big City

I’m walking on the rain spotted sidewalk, and the big sounds of the city around me seem so small with the booming thunder. I walk on passing people one by one with the same grey rain coats and the same black umbrellas hurrying on their way. The usual bright yellow taxis seem so dull.

The traffic light seems to change slower. I walk on and I still pass more people with same grey rain coats and the same black umbrellas not caring who they bump in to, just how they can get to work on time. The buildings around me are grey and the rain drops leaking down the window pains make them seem to be weeping. Weeping for what exactly? Maybe they are hiding secrets, fore these walls contain the secrets of the people behind them. They block out the rainy world before them making it all so warm and dry and yet I walk on. Passing more people with the same grey raincoats and the same black umbrellas.

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