” I had thought of shooting him for all the damage he had done to my house and me,” I said. ” why would he try kidnapping me in the middle of the night?” The police officer replied,”well sir, I congratulate you for your great character and great reaction.” I sat outside looking at the blue and red sirens in front of my house while sitting on a cold bench.

rethinking about what I had done, I repeated words. I spoke proudly about believing,”what a person does is more important because their reaction is recorded by others and is not easily forgotten.”I think, remember, and listen but do not know. Profoundly in their minds they have recordings about reactions and situations.People truly believe others when there is movement occurring.

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Plus, if they enjoy what they see they will appreciate it and keep it as a gift.In other words, words are easily blown away by the wind, but reactions are too heavy to be blown away.