Writer's Block!

I get writers block a lot, and I bet you do to. Here is a list of things you can do if you do get writers block. • Find your favorite chapter from you favorite book and re-write it the way you wish it would have happened, or maybe from another point of view. • Pick up a thesaurus and find a descriptive word that you like, write an acrostic with it poem describing the describing word.

• Write about anything and I mean anything in the world! Pick something you think is funny it could be watermelons for all I care and just write about it. • Try starting from another part of the story if your on chapter 3 think about how you want to write your 5th chapter… • Read a book! • Write down a name… any name then start to write… who is this person what does he/she look like? Who is there friend? • Play some music …. Use a lyric in your story • Try meditating! It’s relaxing and could really help. • Let yourself write horribly! It could lead to something really funny! • Try drawing a character that you wrote about it might get you thinking about describing words. • Get some fresh air go for a walk! • Find a cool picture you took… write about it! Where it was why you took it…etc. • Pick a new place to write go to a coffee shop or park to write • Go people watching for help creating characters. • Work backwards! Ending first then middle then beginning • Ten deep breaths always help • Go online look for some writing prompts what people don’t know won’t hurt them. • Write about a celebrity that you like! • Re-write a comic • Popular movies… great idea starter. • Try, try again! A first draft is meant to be messy!

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