Reasons for Walt’s Change in Standpoint

Walt is uncomplicated when one takes a closer psychological look at him. Measures of control are quite necessary to him, as they are the only means by which to fit in a world that is changing quickly. He knows that his relationship with his children is worsening, but he stills jumps at the chance to limit their freedom partly because he still believes that it is what is expected of him and every male house head. The second reason may be due to fear, whereby he is terrified at the idea of being left alone with nothing to have control over. This is evident when his son suggests a retirement home because just for that suggestion, Walt kicks him out.

However, he does change his mind by letting Tao, who tried to steal his car in the first place, wash it. From this incident, Tao’s sister Sue sees past the pretense telling him that he must like the boy if he allowed him near his car again and even so after protecting the boyfrom the gang members. Of course, he would deny this as much as possible to avoid people thinking he is growing softer and does not have any remorse for his past harshness.Walt does not appear to realize what is going on as the relations between him and his family gets worse while that with his neighbors gets better. He is dragged into their world and even though he states that he does not want anything to do with the ‘gooks’ they welcome him for foods and gifts, and he gladly accepts. In addition, they offer values that differ much with the materialistic values of his family, which draws him to them further without his intentions (Teays, 2012).

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When Tao is compelled to steal from Walt and is caught in the act, Walt decides it is high time h changed the atmosphere between him and his neighborhood. The decisive sacrifice comes from Walt himself and shows the complete change of heart from all the hatrred he had for the community. This is shown when the gagsters come and rape Tao’s sister in an attempt to get back at him (Chen 2008). Walt realizes that nothing can be done except making sure the gangsters go to jail. He does exactly that by visiting the headquarters placing himself in a risky position in which he is shot just as the police arrive. ConclusionWalt once looked down on the Asian community that settled in his neighborhood.

Surprisingly, he takes the first and a decisive initiative to ensure the safety of a few Asian kids (Dargis 2008). He manages to achieve a stronger bond with the Asian family that viewed him before as an authoritarian individual that could be said to belong in a rehabilitating institution. Thus from this movie we see cultural conflict change into a means by which individuals appreciate others cultural differences and embrace the differences.