Reflection Essay

In regard to the reading on faith after the holocaust, it is very obvious that the main point of contention is the root cause of evil.

In the reading, that author is very clear of the fact that it is very rational that evil brings darkness to man’s life hence it is not at all an item to be taken lightly. It is in this context that finding out the main root cause of evil becomes such a huge importance in the paper. Evil brings injustice and is it that man brings the injustice to himself or does earth bring the injustice to man? It is shocking though as the reading progresses that evil is brought about by God himself. This argument by the author has been backed with biblical reference. As it is indicating, prophet Isaiah indicated clearly that God himself is responsible for bringing both the light and darkness.

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He continues to indicate that God creates peace and evil and in general, God is the creator of all things. It is therefore in this point of reference that the reading leads the reader into the conclusion that God is responsible for the injustice brought to man by evil. On the other hand, the other argument presented in the reading is the fact that uman race have always had the thought that once someone is being punished by God for the sins that he has committed, then the evil that is brought about by the punishment is meant to indicate that god is forgetting the individual (Berkovits, 1973). The text makes it very clear that the silent God is always present and that he can never at any time forget his people. Judgment together with the punishment due to sin are just but correction measures that God places in the human race.

Dialogue between Heaven and Earth According to the biblical view of existence as cited in the readings of ‘dialogue between heaven and earth,’ life is defined as an on going dialogue between man and God and as some put it a dialogue between heaven and earth. In comparison between the holy scriptures of the Israelites and those that have originated independently from them, none of the books indicate a dialogue between God and man yet the books state that man and God used to speak to and be heard by each other. God would communicate his will and called upon man to participate in realization of his will. But man being created as an autonomous being who would either ccomply or decline the call or sometimes remain silent which is also treated as an answer. Reflecting on the same, Gods voice was only heard in visions, isolated places where man could not see God and only in very rare cases would the reply of those spoken to be made articulate.

God is the only one who is cited to have spoken but reading the scripture invokes a feeling that the person he addresses can almost answer with his soul which is wordless. When the voice of man is heard it is often through lamentations, prayers and praises but still believers believe that this is a conversation between God and man.In our present day lives the above claims almost seem to be a myth since even some believers as well as non believers deny this. But some believers claim that this never happens because the Holy Spirit has been withdrawn from the world due to sin and hence heaven remains silent to human beings. The will of God is only communicated through holy books but not directly. But an unbiased believer will cite that the holy books are a memoir of what had happened as it gives vivid descriptions of the same hence since they happened even today they can happen.